Fun In The Back


Always fun to have a little surprise in the back!
I’m getting to the point of really, really, REALLY not liking shorts!
These denim AG shorts are always my go-to IF I decide to wear them!
I haven’t been able to put my finger on it yet,
but I just don’t like them on me anymore.
I’m fine with a skirt though, which is weird.
But they do look better when you have a cute shirt like this one,
to wear with them.
The shirt is from Anthropologie and vintage Anthro!
I’ve never wanted to give it away,
because of the cuteness in the back!
For you readers out there who are my age or older,
how do you feel about shorts?
Do you like them or no?
I would love to hear your opinions and thoughts!!!!

4 thoughts on “Fun In The Back

    1. Patty, that’s so nice. It seems I’m moving more and more away from shorts. I prefer skirts or dresses. Funny that I’m more comfortable in a short tennis skirt than I am in a longer short! Go figure!!!! 🙂 Thanks for your comment! xo

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