Some friendships take years to develop, and then there are some that happen instantly! This is my friend Helle….and it has been a JOY knowing her!

What would life be without friends? I have been extremely fortunate and very blessed with so many new friendships as I have built up my blog. I have seen so many similarities in myself, with each and every friend that comes along. We are all so much alike in our feelings, fears, and goals! When we can learn and glean from each other, then that is a beautiful thing!

As I’m out and about, and as people recognize me, it ALWAYS strikes me as unusual that they would make the effort to come up and introduce themselves to me. The kindness and support I feel is quite a feeling. The passed couple of days I’ve had that happen to me several times. Their “thank you’s” are so appreciated! This one came through Instagram the other day and I wanted to share…

“Shauna…I found you on Pinterest yesterday. From your photos, I feel delighted with the idea that our styles seem so similar. Today, I would like to share with you that just catching a few pics on Pinterest, I became so enchanted by your happy vibe that I actually felt sparked, which fueled a confident and energetic vibe of my own. Thank you, I needed it more than I can say.”

When I receive messages such as this, and then one a few weeks ago from a woman in Thailand I believe, a retired school teacher who works in the rice paddies now, became inspired to do more with her t-shirt and shorts outfits she wears most of the time, are just unbelievable! I LOVE knowing that we are all uplifting and helping one another. We may not realize it, but what you do for one person, if only a smile, you have no way of knowing really, the impact it can have on them! It thrills me to know that this blog is doing just that! THANK YOU to all you SWEET AND DEAR FRIENDS out there!!!


2 thoughts on “Friends

  1. yes it is amazing when you get a comment from someone that you are inspiring them to try something different in their wardrobe or they want your advice. Sometimes I wonder if anyone is even looking at my page then that happens. Its all worth it. I am following Helle now. Love her page and yours!!

    1. Hi Kimberly!!! You’re totally right! It’s times like that, that you are inspired yourself, to keep going! Thank you so much for your comment! I hardly ever look at my friend’s blogs because it’s so time consuming! I can barely keep up with Instagram! So thank you, for taking the time to leave a comment here! XO

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