How fun is this little yellow top for summer? This is what I wore on GTU the other day, and I got a lot of comments about it. Yellow can be a really tricky color to wear, and not everyone can do it. There are a lot of yellow shades that don’t work on me, but this mustard-type, seems to work. I wore it with jeans the other day and bright pink lips. I LOVE it with the white pants though! These pants are ones that I showed on the show as well. They are very high-waisted and the wide leg…..I LOVE! They have a really cute x-stitch detailing down the front of each leg.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about patterned prints or solids when it comes to dressing. I love the way solids look, and some would say that would be a better choice for me because I’m short and petite. But honestly when I’m out looking and browsing in the stores, I’m always drawn to bright colored prints! What do you all think? Do you have any opinions on that?

Here is an article I read, and I must say….I break a lot of the “rules” they mention. I’m forever saying, when asked about a certain style or rule, “It just depends.” It depends on if it looks good! I know that’s a very general statement, but there is so much that plays in to a look or an outfit. There was a lady I met in Palm Desert a few months ago, probably in her mid-70’s. She had on a tight, short sleeveless dress on with lots of jewelry and makeup. Now normally I would say “no way, that doesn’t look good.” But she had this way of pulling it all off, and it was her attitude and confidence. And it wasn’t obnoxious at all. I though she looked great. Would I wear it??? Nope, not at all, but she can and she did it well! So………”it all depends!”

Top  |  Pants  |  Shoes  |  Necklace


4 thoughts on “Yellow+White…..Yep!

  1. Totally agree about the shades of yellow. I’ve found that the mustard-y ones work for me too, and everyone who knows me knows I am a blue kind of gal! Yellow is way outside my comfort zone. But I bought a mustard outfit which I wear accented with a navy, flower patterned sweater and I get so many compliments. Love your look!

    1. Hi Constance! The yellow and navy sound beautiful!!!! Way to move outside that “comfort zone” that we all have!!!!! Thank you so much for your comment! xo

  2. You are just adorable! I’m your size and am seriously thinking of doing your haircut and color which would def be out of my comfort zone!

    1. Sharon, thank you so much! DO IT!!! It’s good to step out of your “comfort zone”!!!!! XO

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