Friends For Life!

Are you one that depends on your friendships? Do you invest time in them? Honestly I’ve not always been one who has. I was always so consumed in my boys and my family life, that I never had the need to take time to nurture friendships… least on a level of how I feel now about them.

I SO enjoyed my time with these two in Chicago a few weeks ago. I met Shirley @myfavoritethings25 and Heidi @heidelore through Instagram. They have always inspired me through their style, and now that I’ve come to know them outside of their fashion…..they inspire me MORE! As we listen and talk to women, we discover that their insecurities are the same as ours. They dream the same things we do, have the same fears and reservations!

We met one rainy evening at 3 Arts Cafe. HOW BEAUTIFUL it was! And if you need a tip, this is the kind of place where you NEED a reservation because it is always packed full of people! It’s a great place to try at least once!!! Just BEAUTIFUL!

I sure did enjoy these two… grateful for good, strong women in my life, who uplift me and inspire me to be the best I can be. It’s like I said to a girlfriend today….it truly does take a village to lift each other up and see the optimism in this crazy life we live. I’m truly blessed!

Having some fun with this picture and making it…..a watercolored memory!!



4 thoughts on “Friends For Life!

  1. This is so great Shauna! I know exactly what you mean about focusing on your family. It takes a little time and energy to give yourself to your friends (harder to do as an introvert 🙂 But it’s always worth it! So great spending time with you! I look forward to the next time!

    1. Thanks Heidi!!! Wished we could have gotten more pics….thank heavens for your umbrella! And how did you get it to coordinate so well??? Or wait…was it Shirley’s?? No matter, at least we had it and were able to use this beautiful sidewalk! It’s ALWAYS so fun to see you! Next time let’s head over to the HONEYCOMB tunnel!!! XO

  2. There’s a friends cycle we go through…when your young you have a wide circle of friends…as you get older and your life has more commitments the circle gets smaller…I’m hoping as I get older and my commitments with the “family” start letting up, id be able to devote more time to friend cultivating. I just hope I’m not too set in my ways lol

    1. That’s true isn’t it! My mother has always had a big circle of friends clear back from High School! To this day, they are a great support to her!!!! Thanks for your comment Cheryl! XO

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