I know there is only a couple of days left of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, but these are worth telling you about! When you’re petite, one of the hardest things, is when things are too long and can’t be hemmed. Like say for example a long maxi dress with a specific hem that if you altered it, it would be ruined. Or frayed out bottoms, unless that is….you want to have them re-frayed after shortening them. Or JEANS with the cutest zipper detailing! A lot of things I get don’t ever work, because I can’t wear shoes high enough to compensate for the length! So when I saw these at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, I wanted to at least try them! Those zippers caught my attention, and just FYI, I would wear them zipped or unzipped! Well, they came the other day, and I couldn’t have been more excited! I put them on and the length was perfect. Even if I wear them with flat shoes, they just barely graze the ground. UNBELIEVABLE! If you want or “need” some FABULOUS jeans, these are available until Sunday evening for an amazing price, $100 off! If you haven’t ever tried this brand, FRAME, I would highly recommend them! They are such great quality, with just enough stretch and made of the softest cotton! They have a boyfriend cut but still on the slim side, so they’re not too baggy. Remember the sale ends Sunday night! These could be your new jeans to take you in to the fall season!!! Oh, and one more thing……I pulled out this eye shadow the other day, and it was such fun to use PURPLE instead or the neutrals I usually wear. I wouldn’t ever wear this every day, but it made for a fun change up to my make-up routine!!! It’s from MAC and is called Beautiful Iris. It’s linked below.

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  1. FRAME is one of my new favorite brands! Missed the NAS, was out of the country and didn’t think to order online, but I might still be able to find these. So very happy to read your tips for petite items that work without alteration. That pedicure polish is TDF, do you mind sharing what it is?

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