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Just wanted to share a few tidbits about my hair! It seems I’ve talked about it SO much already, but I continue to get lots of emails and questions. I love my short hair, and have had it short most of my life. It’s easy, it’s versatile, it’s sassy, and it’s me! Long hair completely stresses me out! In fact in this photo here, it’s longer than I normally wear it, and it was starting to get to be a little too much.

My hair is naturally dark, with a LOT of silver growing through! I don’t want to say “gray” because it sounds old!!! I was born with a white lock of hair in the front which is hereditary. My mother had it, and some brothers, and other relatives. You can see it in the picture posted. When I decided to go platinum, mostly out of an easier way to take care of the “silver”, my biggest hesitation was that I would lose my trademark you could say. That would just now blend in. But I did it anyway, and haven’t ever looked back. It’s SO MUCH EASIER to hide the “silver”! And I think it’s much more fun! Maybe that saying that blondes (PLATINUMS) have more fun is true after all!!! So what I do is an all-over color every three months, with a cut every month or four weeks. Then the next month I’ll just do a cut, and the next month along with my haircut I’ll do a toner or a gloss. I’ve never minded darker roots showing, in fact I kind of like it!

It’s very thick, and has a lot of body. I have had lots of questions on how I make it stand up. That’s the way I wear it the most, I like it the best that way. But with anyone, I get tired of it, and so I’ll mix it up with a more laid down look. I have linked all of the products I use below. Believe it or not, I don’t use a ton of product in my hair, and hate it when it feels like there’s too much of anything in it. When I put the paste in after it’s dry, I literally put a pea-size of each kind, and mix them together, and that’s it. Too much product weighs it down. So what I do after I wash it (only every four days or so) I’ll put a tiny bit of the two hair pastes through my wet hair. Then I dry it, mostly using my hands to pull up and away from my head and dry the roots, sort of forward. One day I’ll do something for my YouTube channel so you can see better. After it’s dry, again, I add a little bit of the two pastes combined and move it around until I find something I like, and then spray with either of the two sprays depending on how much hold I want. If it’s spiked up I’ll use the firm spray, and if laying flatter I’ll spray with the lighter hold. That’s it! Easy-peasy!!! I couldn’t tell you anything about the cut, because obviously I don’t cut it. But the salon I go to is linked below as well, and Harley is who I go to.

 My salon is LANDIS AVEDA in Salt Lake City
THIS aroma mist is a brand new product I picked up the other day and I LOVE it! It comes in three different scents and adds softness and shine and makes your hair smell SO SO SO GOOD! A hair perfume is a genius idea!!! Also THIS conditioner is what I use to keep my color from going yellow. So that’s it. I’m hoping to soon have a very active YouTube channel, to put up some videos and tutorials on my hair. My channel now is ChicOver50, but not much on it. I’ll get working on that right away…….I need an assistant! Blah! Have a great day friends!!!!!

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  1. You should do a video of you drying and styling your hair. Would be helpful for sure.
    I let my hair go gray last year and LOVE it. So freeing. I am 45: a stylish cut helps me from feeling old, and more SASSY!!

  2. HI,
    I LOVE your hair and feel the same way about short hair. I just tried growing my hair and hated it. I didn’t feel myself at all. Just went back to short hair. I love reading your blog, so glad I find you on pinterest.

  3. Found your blogs recently and i am loving it. I have had short hair on amd off and just recently went short and i LOVE it again lol. Thanks for sharing prducts and I also would love to see a video on how you spike your hair

  4. You’re my girl crush!I Love your Platinum hair and think it totally suits you…don’t even recognize you as a brunette. So, was the original process to get to Platinum a multi process with you having to suffer through varying shades of brown, yellow, etc for several months? I have a lot of gray and have attempted a very blonde/ Platinum process from my brunette hair, but ugh…. I looked so unkept for months that I gave up and just went back to brunette.
    Oh and we have a mutual friend…I went to college and was on drill team with Tanya Foster (TX) in 1984?

    1. Hi Peggy! The original process the first time took six hours. It still was a bit yellow. I went back a few weeks later to get it more platinum. It’s important that you go to a REALLY EXPERIENCED colorist! It might cost a bit more but so worth it!!!! Also using the blue shampoos and conditioners really really help with the yellow!!!!! Have a great weekend! XO

    1. Thanks for posting about your hair! I inherited my silver hair from my mom and am so glad I don’t dye it anymore. Just last month I went really short and love it! Gail

      1. Hi Gail! Thanks so much for your comment! What a great thing to inherit from your mom! I’m so glad more women are embracing their SILVER hair! It’s beautiful! XO

  5. I love both version of your hair, dark and platinum. The platinum is more fun, the brunette is more serious. I went from red to platinum about a year ago and I love it. I just have to have the roots done every 4 or 5 weeks. I was hoping to have more gray/silver by now (I am 49) but it doesn’t run in my family, my mom is still mostly dark in her 70’s.

    1. I love my platinum short hair! Best decision I ever made was to go natural and stop dyeing my hair!

      1. Hi Dee, Thank you for stopping by! How nice that you have a natural PLATINUM color!!!! XO

    2. Hi Evelinaprague, Thanks for your comment! It sounds like you’ve had some fun with your hair, which I wish MORE WOMEN would do. I see so many who are stuck in a style and don’t ever change it up! CHANGE is good, and hair always will grow back! Have a great day! XO

      1. I, too, love both your, looks but platinum seems to suit you better! I recently
        Let my silver grow out when my first granddaughter was born and will never dye my hair again! It is silver with some lavender tint (my mom’s side) and I use purple shampoo to enhance it about weekly. And get daily complements on it. Just wish I could find a good style. Right now just short. Love your style!(hair and all)

  6. I love your hair and it really looks great platinum on you! I was dying mine my natural color of brunette, or lighter shades of it trying to blend in with the “silver”. My last cut was an almost buzzed cut to get most of the color out, and am letting the “silver” grow in. Can’t wait until that process is over, as I have a white streak in my front also. You are an inspiration to me and all women over 50 to embrace your age, and prove you can still look beautiful and stylish. Great job..I follow Chic Over 50 every single day!

    1. Hi Deb! What a sweet comment! THANK YOU so much for following along!!! Us 50+ year old girls need each other! I really believe that life is just beginning for us! Be confident….be beautiful!!!!!! XO

  7. Recently, I have had several friends on FaceBook send me your picture telling me they found someone that looks like me. Too fun! I just had someone today at lunch in a little restaurant in a small town in Central Indiana pull up a picture of you online and say the same thing. Must be true:) Just set down and scrolled through some of your blogs. Very enjoyable!

    1. Hi Christy! THANK YOU!!! A CHICover50 look-alike!!!! Wow! I need to see your picture now!!! XO

  8. Hi Shauna
    Love your blog and read it everyday. I am from Ottawa, Ontario Canada . I am 54 years old and have sassy short platinum hair as well
    Love your style of clothing as I also shop at Anthro , love their clothes
    Look forward to seeing new styles and trying out the recipes


    1. Hi Debbie! You sound like my kind of girl!!!!! Thank you so much for stopping by! I want to visit Canada some day! XO

  9. YES! I have short silver hair and love it. Would love to see how your style your hair!!!

    1. Hi Beth…working on that one! Short hair is the BEST!!!! Thanks for your comment!

  10. Playing offense instead of defense with gray hair has certainly been the way for me ?. Love you, Sis!

  11. I love your hair…the cut and the color. It’s fabulous! I wear mine short and messy with a little spike for sass, but mine is red. I love my short hair!

  12. Hi I’ve never written on anything like this but I have to say since I’ve discovered you I’m obsessed with your style and especially you hair. I’m 52 and have been toying with embracing the silver or in my case the WHITE in my hair for about 2years. I get it lightened and then feel washed out and go back to my very dark brown. I’m so afraid of looking old! Any tips?

    1. Paula, my first thought to you would be to go to someone REALLY good with color! You’ll probably have to spend more money than you want, but a good colorist is worth every penny! Don’t scrimp! Without seeing you it’s hard to advise you any other way. Dark hair on an older woman isn’t always flattering! Hope that helps? xo

  13. So excited to see this pin. This may be a silly question but not very tech savvy. How do I read your blog?

  14. Hi I have been letting my natural silver ” shine” thru for about 6 yrs now and I am 55. I couldn’t be happier!!! At first people thought I got highlights!!! Love ur hair !!! Can’t wait for the u tube video!!!

  15. Thanks so much, Shauna, got posting what products you use and look forward to your videos! It is fab to be 50 and live life with a little sass and attitude not to mention class! You are an inspiration to embrace being 50! Love it!

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