Four Eyes Are Better Than Two

You know that old saying, “FOUR EYES ARE BETTER THAN TWO”? Well, it’s true!!! These sunnies from eyebobs, are not only stylish and hip, but they are READERS too!!!

They are here.

One of the things about getting older that  can be so frustrating, is losing your vision. Having to wear readers to look at your phone or computer is one thing, but when you’re outside in the sun, and need sunglasses, and then can’t read??? That can be annoying! And I’ve found that reading glasses aren’t cheap! They can be a small fortune!!!!! But these sunnies, from eyebobs, are FABULOUS! Handmade optical quality frames, and progressive multi-focus lenses, and with NO visible line and distortion. WOW! And some more features I LOVE, are they are scratch resistant, 100% UV coated, and spring hinges for a perfect fit. And the price-point is SO reasonable!!! And wait until you see the selection….something for everyone!!!!!!!

I’m so happy about these! They have been just perfect, meeting my every need!