Five Ways to Accessorize

ACCESSORIES are such a fun way to dress up and change an outfit. So I’m sharing today FIVE WAYS TO ACCESSORIZE! These are tried and true ways that have ALWAYS worked for me and I promise you they will elevate your look easier than anything. Seriously they can take you from DRAB TO FAB in a heartbeat!

I’m that person that loves to people watch. The way people present themselves is so interesting to see. Learning from others, just through observation can be considered a hobby! I often see something I like and immediately think of ways to incorporate it into my own look. But on the other hand, I might think, “If they only had on a scarf”, or did something more with their lipgloss. Or I will think to myself how cute their outfit would look with a hat.

So the purpose of this blog is to encourage you to use accessories to amp up your style, but more importantly….. TO HAVE FUN WITH IT!



I have always loved my scarves, from the small bandana size to the extra large size. I use them for everything! You’ve seen them around my head, or a belt and around my neck. This is a fun way to wear your colors! I have several packed for Africa!


Hats might be my #1 most fun way to accessorize! Believe it or not, I don’t look good in most hats, but I do know the ones that look good on me. My favorite hats are the fedora style, but I also love a rancher hat and my beanies always, if they aren’t skin-tight.


Statement earrings have sort of lost their popularity the last couple of years or so. But honestly they do have their place in my style! Use them again, to add in some color or sparkle to your look! When I wear big earrings…. everything else is usually on the simple side!


To me sunglasses bring such attitude! If you want to feel extra cool…. wear a great pair of sunnies! I used to spend loads on my sunglasses, and sometimes I will splurge. But more often now, I’m spending under $100 on mine!


Yes I have to count makeup as an accessory. Does it have to be a full face look? NO! It can just be some blush, mascara, and some lipgloss. SHOP CHIC GLOSS HERE. I have my favorite bare-faced look linked up below. Your makeup should just enhance your face. I’m not a big believer in wearing so much that you don’t look like the same person without it. I love this quote…

“Makeup Is An Accessory, Not A Necessity.” | Larimar MedSpa


What are your top five ways to accessorize? Remember that accessories are always a fun gift to give. You can feel much safer giving someone an accessory over a piece of clothing! HAVE FUN LADIES….. and accessorize away!

Shauna XO



  1. Hi Shauna

    I met you on the airport in South Africa the other day, and i just again want to say what an honour it was. I used to believe that these blogs and inspirational guidelines only stretch as far as the digital world, but to meet you in person made my day. It was so nice to put a REAL face to the things i always see and read. Stay as awesome as you are.


    1. Alida THANK YOU THANK YOU for taking time to say hello!!! So often people will say to me, “I saw you….. but didn’t think I should stop you!” I love to meet my followers, and it means so much to me to hear from you! Tell me again where you are from. I don’t think South Africa, but couldn’t remember exactly! Thanks again and come back again soon!!! XOXOXO

    2. I’m totally with you Shauna, that’s why I follow and love your blogs! I’ve always accessorised my look, especially scarves ( I have 3 drawers full!) Hats, jewellery, bags, shoes can all just compliment and uplift an outfit, and not forgetting make up too! You give me inspiration ☺️ xx

      1. Sharon that’s so sweet! It sounds like you know what you’re talking about. I know that sometimes it may seem too much to take the time to accessorize, but it sure does make a difference, doesn’t it??? Thank you for stopping by! Come back again soon! XOXO

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