Five Go-To Outfits That Work Every Time


Ladies do you ever say to yourself, “I have nothing to wear!” Today I’m sharing FIVE GO-TO OUTFITS THAT WORK EVERY TIME. When you’re in a hurry, or stressed, or just don’t want to think much about what to put on….. THESE looks will totally look amazing EVERY TIME you put them on!


My first tip is SO SIMPLE, but sometimes in a rush it’s hard to even THINK! I have so many fun colorful shirts (all different styles) and sometimes I think we can OVERTHINK them! Just add your favorite jeans and some fun shoes. The color and print will be all you need to make the outfit. You DON’T have to do much else to look FABULOUS! My shirt is from Catherine Gee who I met in Santa Barbara, California! LOVE her things!


Even though I don’t wear one very often…. a classic white button-down shirt with anything will look classic and polished. Wear with a pencil skirt, some happy pants, or your favorite jeans. Right now I’m loving the “oversized” version!


Pulling out a slip skirt in a bright color will always make you feel pretty! Pair it with whatever you need on top to keep you warm. A tee for summer, a sweater for fall, a teddybear coat for winter, and an oversized turtleneck in the spring! You can wear these with sneakers, boots, or heels!


Think denim on denim. This will always be a fail-safe look! Just grab your favorite jeans, and denim shirt and jacket. I would wear fitted with this look and would add some bright colors like perhaps a scarf! And make sure you add some fabulous shoes or boots! Some of my favorite linked below.


A tee shirt dress will always give you a dressed up but not dressed up feel. If you’re feeling BLAH, a DRESS can instantly make you feel better! They can be changed up all kinds of ways to make it look different just by your accessories. They DON’T have to look frumpy! I ESPECIALLY like this one but most sizes are sold out. The empire waist will bring it in for you while still being able to wear a belt! THIS ONE is a steal!

So if you’re feeling STUCK….. here are my FIVE GO-TO OUTFITS THAT WORK EVERY TIME! I’ve given you a lot of room to play around with each one. Use the idea to start and then see where your creativity takes you!

Shauna XO

2 thoughts on “Five Go-To Outfits That Work Every Time

  1. I love your style! I have dressed up (and down) leggings for the last year. It is time to get back into jeans! Have you done a blog on recent jean selections for over 50 and petites?
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Vicki! YES….. we are all ready to wear REAL CLOTHES!!!! I will put that on my to-do list….. a blog on my favorite jeans styles and trends! THANK YOU! Take care and HAPPY WEEKEND! XO

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