A Treasured Moment With Her

A treasured moment with her, and one I will NEVER NEVER FORGET! My personal life has really been kept under wraps for the most part. Part of that is because my kids don’t like their children up on my social media for safety reasons. As much as I’d like to share them with you, they just won’t let me. I’m very blessed to have SEVEN grands kids and FIVE more from my husband. They truly are such a JOY to me.

This little girl is my third grandchild and second granddaughter. Her parents don’t mind as much, when I share their kids. She just turned fourteen! Every year for their birthdays I take them out shopping and out to eat. It has become a day that they each look forward to every year…. AS WELL AS ME! This week I got to spend time with her and her brother (both separate dates).

Often people will say to me, “Your kids must think you are so COOL.” Or…. “Your grand kids have the COOLEST grandma.” My boys don’t really think of me as an influencer and really don’t have much to say about it. I’m just their mom and that’s that. My grand kids don’t really know much of what I do either, and I’ve never felt like they have thought I was EXTRA COOL.

I spent the day with my girl, now a teenager, this passed week. We first went out to lunch to her favorite restaurant and then shopping. While we were eating she asked me, “Grandma, have you always been in to fashion, or have you only been in it since you’ve had your Instagram?” I LOVED that she asked me this. This was the first time that any of my immediate family has seemed interested in what I do. I have one son that has said a couple of times that it’s “awesome” what I’ve been able to do. The other two are pretty quiet.

We sat and talked about how my first memories were when I was FOUR, remembering a certain dress, or how my hair was, or how I felt in certain clothes. As she listened she laughed and would say, “That is amazing!” She said that she ALWAYS gets compliments on the clothes that I buy for her. She will tell her friends to look me up on Instagram, and then she says, “That’s my Grandma!” I LOVE that she is interested.

I was grateful for this opportunity to talk to her about fashion and how to create your own style, and how this can help you feel confident! We talked about how to change up her graphic sweatshirt. How would she dress it up? How would she make it look different? What else could she wear with it besides her leggings? Such a treasured moment with her!

She said to me, “Grandma I’ve heard that MOM JEANS are really in style right now.” So we talked about jean styles and trends and why MOM JEANS are flattering. She said she’d like to try them, so that’s what we did when we went shopping….. looked for some mom jeans! We found ONE pair that was tiny enough to fit her little body, and they did like a glove! She looked DARLING in them!

I had THE BEST TIME today with my FAVORITE 14 YEAR OLD! She’s kind, sweet, humble, honest, smart, and BEAUTIFUL!!!! I’m so thankful for my time with her! I will forever remember this day with. I LOVE HER and each of my grandchildren with ALL MY HEART! Along with my husband and my mama and boys…. they are my GREATEST TREASURES!

I was also able to attend a BEAUTIFUL orchestra concert of my almost sixteen year old granddaughter (my oldest). I can’t believe she’s turning sixteen!! It was a gorgeous performance and I’m absolutely so proud of the way she plays her violin! She too, is such a GREAT GIRL! I also got to take out my sweet little eight year old grandson. I loved it when he cuddled up to me in the restaurant and told me he LOVED me! WHAT AN AWESOME WEEK! A treasured moment with her….. and treasured MOMENTS with ALL, that I will always hold dear.

Shauna XO

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12 thoughts on “A Treasured Moment With Her

  1. What a truly lovely day & memory making moment for both of you! I have 4 kids & 6 grands, and they’re my heart.

    1. Chelle YES….. they certainly have our HEARTS! Making these memories is SO SO IMPORTANT! XO

    1. Marsha it’s absolutely the BEST TIME EVER! Take care and thanks for stopping by! XO

  2. I have seven grandkids, too, two girls and five boys! My girls are graduating from high school this year. Time goes so fast! I was able to spend 2-1/2 days with one of my grandsons this week. We are especially close, as his mom and I lived together for five years when he was born. She is such a special 11-year-old with such a good heart. As you said, Shauna, all of my grandchildren and children are special… they are blessings from God! Thank you for sharing about your time with your granddaughter!

    1. Renee I see that you know ALL ABOUT THE LOVE for a grandchild. To me it feels very different than a child. I’ve always felt that way, and after I had my own, I suddenly knew what every grandparent had been talking about. I don’t think you understand it until YOU ARE A GRANDPARENT yourself! Take care and ENJOY those little people! XO

  3. What a lovely lady you are and I adore your fashion style I’m 65 and in the uk but I love to see what you choose and try to get similar wishing you well, Lyn

    1. Hi Lyn! I LOVE the UK! I’ve missed visiting! Thank you so much for following along! That means a lot to me! Take care sweet lady! XO

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