February is all about Pink and Red Fashion

February is all about PINK and RED fashion! Since this is February 1st, I wanted to get all of your minds thinking about how YOU can look BEAUTIFUL for your special day! I LOVE this month and love this holiday! I get to celebrate my very first one with my new husband! I was a little bit tempted to color my hair PINK again when I was in getting my hair cut a week or so ago! I’m sure I’ll do it again sometime, but decided against it this time.

But Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays that if you’ve been married for a long time….. it sort of can get tossed by the wayside. How do you feel about it? Do you celebrate? Do you still feel like it’s special? I’m still trying to come up with a gift for him. It might be something I make. Hmmmmm, can you guess?

I would tell you to put some effort in to it, and surprise that special someone in your life! I believe that whatever you choose to do, if it’s done with REAL INTENT, it will be meaningful to them! Even if it’s the tiniest thing…. even like just a note! LOVE is worth all the time you can give! In light of the Kobe Bryant tragedy, the one things that has impressed upon my mind, is to ALWAYS SAY I LOVE YOU! It is SO SO SO important!

But… in the meantime, I wanted to share with you some really FUN and SWEET and ADORABLE looks to inspire you for your own VALENTINE’S DAY celebration! Too much color for you? If so maybe take just one piece and style it more conservatively….. less color… maybe with some neutrals?


This look would be right up my alley! Jeans (only $75!!) dressed up with heels and some beautiful bright colors! LOVE THIS SWEATER! Perfect for a date night or out with your girlfriends…. Galentine’s Day! And what about this cute teddybear coat? A neutral so it will go on forever for you!


Color-blocking is the perfect look for Valentine’s Day. With this you can put all your pinks and reds together for a classic and chic look! These jeans can definitely be dressed up with a blazer. The cashmere sweater will never go out of fashion! This look could be worn with some beautiful pumps OR with your sneakers!


If you’re in the mood to really go all out…. this could be a great look! The skirt remember can be dressed down with a tee. The shoes could be worn with your roughest jeans! Each piece can most definitely be dressed up or down. And this jacket is FABULOUS! Your lover will LOVE that you went to this effort to look amazing for them!!!!!!

I had so much FUN putting these looks together! February is all about PINK and RED fashion… so get it out of your closet and have some fun with it! There are so many options! If you’re looking for a RED DRESS, this I think is stunning!

Shauna XO

Both of the looks I’ve pictured above are all from the archives. The first is an Anthropologie floral sweater and black Madewell jeans. Still both in my closet by the way! The second is from Chic Wish. Their clothing is very budget friendly! It’s very feminine and girly too!

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  1. You know I love all these looks, and every time I see that pearl necklace wrapped around like a bracelet, I love your looks even more. Love you style, and how you always use accessories to complete and distinguish you look

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