One Of My Favorite Fashion Words Is Juxtaposition


One of my favorite fashion words is juxtaposition. It’s not a word I hear often, and had never heard of before I started my blog. But I’ve always loved WHAT IT IS! The definition is this…..

The fact of two things being seen or placed close together with a contrasting effect. OR… the idea of mixing together differing styles to result in a visually interesting outfit.

I’ve talked about it a lot on my blog through the years. If you’re one that struggles to find an interesting outfit, this is a great way to come up with super fun outfits. With my outfit above, I’ve styled my very exquisite Escada, hand beaded jacket with some rugged jeans, graphic tee, and then added some white pumps. These are extreme opposites and yet look how fun and edgy this looks.

Another way to think about this outfit would be to pair the jacket with some nice trousers, a button down shirt and some sneakers. It’s always important to have multiple ways to mix up your pieces and to think outside the box. Of course you can still wear it ALL dressed up, but if you don’t have to, then why not have more fun? I LOVE this!

Here are some great examples of ways to style a JUXTAPOSITION look….


With this look the juxtaposition would be the dressier pant paired with a sneaker, tee, and rugged jacket. I’ve added a dressier pearl hoop earring to bring in perhaps another unexpected type of accessory. The pants then can be very dressed up with these sandals and a girly top.


Taking a very feminine dress is another fun way to mix things up with the idea of juxtaposition. Add your favorite tennis shoes, or even a very very casual jacket….. even a sweatshirt would be cute! I loved the light denim shirt (ONLY $15) over the top (I would tie it in a knot). The denim bucket hat dresses it down even more, and then of course the fun sneakers. THIS is my favorite! This dress is FANTASTIC! NOTE: with the sweatshirt over the top make sure it’s fitted, knotted, or belted….. unless of course you are 6′ tall!


With the ever trending long denim short, I thought this was a great look to show! After all, the long denim short can look so frumpy on middle-aged women. Do you all feel this way? But I think that this is a great way to dress them up and make them look totally CHIC. Add a white blazer and a pop of color shirt underneath. I LOVED it with these canvas sandals! We’re getting so close to being able to go out to lunch with our friends safely, of which this would be a great outfit to do that in!

Do you see why one of my favorite fashion words is JUXTAPOSITION? It’s like pattern mixing in that once you get the hang of it, you’ll want to do it all the time!

Shauna XO

22 thoughts on “One Of My Favorite Fashion Words Is Juxtaposition

    1. Hey Tina! THANK YOU SO MUCH! You are so sweet! I’m happy you stopped by and hope to you again soon! Take care! XO

      1. It’s always a treat when I see your blog, I want to jump into my closet and start mixing and matching. At first I was a little hesitant going “out of the box” at my age (65), but WHY NOT! I’m still working at it since my normal everyday life especially during pandemic doesn’t have me going out much, but Spring has sprung so I’m in lol. Have a Blessed Easter Sunday

        1. Kathleen I’m SO HAPPY TO HEAR THAT! No matter our age….. there’s always a way to do something different, fun, and interesting! That’s what keeps us young!!!!! Thanks for your comment girl! XO

    2. Lovely, Shauna I look forward to seeing your posts. Thanks for sharing your style tips, you look amazing

      1. Hi Frances…. thank you very much! I’m so happy you stopped by! Have a WONDERFUL week! XO

    3. I love your constant use of color in uncommon or unexpected ways. You combine brights and muted or pastels in really fun ways. I look forward to more unique combinations!

      1. Joy THANK YOU! I definitely LOVE my color! Even when I was a young girl, COLOR just made me happier! My bedroom had blue and lime green flowered wallpaper!!!! Thanks for your comment and have a GREAT week! XO

  1. Love the cherry blossoms, reminds me of April in Paris by Norte Dame! Great photos! That little jacket is adorbs and gosh what wouldn’t it go with?!?

    1. Michelle yes I know what you mean about Paris! Thank you!!! The jacket is for sure a keepsake and one I’ll have forever….. until it goes to one of my FASHIONISTA granddaughters! Take care girl! XO

  2. Shauna – What a thrill it is to follow your blog! I love the way you embrace color as well as your ability to create outfits that are both unique and beautiful. As a fellow petite, we have always been told to dress in monochromatic colors to appear taller. Frankly, I consider that style of dressing to be boring. When I first found you on Pinterest, I said to myself “Now there’s a lady I can relate to.” I appreciate your honesty, your authenticity, and your strong religious beliefs. Thank you for giving us “Over 50” gals inspiration and a renewed interest in dressing in a fun and youthful fashion. You are the best! Keep up the great work. You are living proof that mature women do not have to be invisible in society after all. Happy Easter!

    1. Pam what a NICE COMMENT! THANK YOU so much! It’s just how it’s always been for me. I think a monochromatic look is beautiful, but it just isn’t me. I will wear it every now and then, but then seem to always drift back in to the COLORFUL side of things. And all the “RULES”….. I just say, pfffft! AGE shouldn’t ever have anything to do with having FUN WITH FASHION! Take care sweet lady! XO

  3. So excited I found your blog. With your help I have completely re-styled my wardrobe. I have been in a frump after divorce, being 20 pounds overweight and being over 50. Your blog has helped me spice up my wardrobe and my attitude! I haven’t dressed so sassy since I was in my teens! And I receive so many compliments. Something I haven’t heard in years. I just recently stepped way outside my box and bought a pair of leopard print Vans tennis shoes!! Thank you for the suggestions and the words of encouragement! You’re awesome!

    1. Liane…… what a fabulous comment! THIS is why I blog….. to help women see their potential and how fun they can have with FASHION!!!!! I LOVE that it has inspired you to be a little more bold! You keep on girl! It’s so much MORE FUN! XO

  4. I love it!! I’m so used to everything matching just perfectly. Im over it!! At 68 I’m ready to have some fun with juxtaposition in the clothing department. So many ideas I have learned from you and styles and mixing things that really look adorable. Thank you !!!! Have a lovely Easter Day!!

    1. Hi Sally! YES, time to break out all the fun ways to STYLE ourselves! I’m so HAPPY that you’ve found some inspiration here! Stay in touch and let me know HOW MUCH MORE FUN IT IS….. to step outside the box! Take care girl! XO

  5. Where can I find the colorful sweater you are wearing with the beading? I adore you and your style like no one else.💗

    1. Hi Barbara….. do you mean the jacket in this post? The jacket is a very vintage piece I got years ago. It’s not available. The designer is ESCADA. If I ever come across anything similar I will definitely let everyone know. It’s an amazing piece! Take care sweet lady! XO

  6. Hi from Japan. You should know you have an admirer here.
    I love an edgy and feminine combo. I recently bought a romantic lacy skirt. I wear it with
    my edgy Dr. Marten’s boots. It works!!!!

    1. Hello Kyomi all the way in Japan!! So NICE to hear from you!!! Your romantic lacy skirt sounds FABULOUS! I love the idea of it paired with your boots! What a great way to wear JUXTAPOSITION! Hope to see you again soon and TAKE CARE! Xoxoxoxo

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