Embellished Jean Styles

I’m SO THRILLED that Saturday is here! Wow…..it’s been an insane week for me! Maybe, one of the hardest weeks of my life! So when I came across this picture sitting on my desktop that I had never posted, it brought me such great JOY! Why? Because of my HAPPY FACE, and because of the embellished jeans I’m wearing!

How do you all feel about the embellished jean trend? It’s been around now for several years, and I keep thinking it might go away. But it’s still strong and I’m not done with it at all! Here is an article with the TOP jean trends for this year, that you might enjoy reading through. I live in jeans MOST of the time! And wearing them with rhinestones, embroidery, sequins, tassels, patches, and beading make wearing them ALL THAT MUCH MORE FUN! In fact I’ve just ordered these pearl embellished jeans and I’m so excited to get them! Pearls on jeans for me is a GOOD THING!


And my look in a SIMILAR way here. I LOVE these white booties for winter and fall instead of the white pumps!

Shauna XO

7 thoughts on “Embellished Jean Styles

  1. I love embellished jeans! I actually bought 2 pairs…at 62 I wasn’t sure I would look appropriate but I love them both! I hope whatever muddy waters you are walking through clear for you soon. I have noted the uplifting messages you post on instagram and assumed that you are in pain. One thing that I know for sure is that when things are falling apart they really are falling together. I wish you peace. Best…Kathy

    1. Kathy….I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! When things are falling apart they really are falling together!!!!This just might be my next quote! THANK YOU! Love you! XO

  2. You inspired me to get out all my jeans with sparkles! Living in south Florida I can wear them all the time!
    Sparkly is good!

  3. I love the trend but being on the short side many designers don’t offer petite sizes (or their sold of petites out all together) AND if the embellishments are on the hem…well, need I say more. Also you really need to try them on, sometimes I find the accented embellishment is not as flattering as I hoped. As you can tell I really haven’t been able to nail down a pair for myself…but I’m not giving up. Watch I’ll find me the perfect pair right as the go out of style ?. You have TONS of support here. The Tribe will be here when you need us.

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