Colorful Style Inspiration

colorful style inspiration

Don’t we all need some COLORFUL STYLE INSPIRATION every now and then? Today’s post all started with THESE SHOES! Aren’t they fabulous??? I think they are such fun and modern and so unique. Color has always inspired me. I’m going to be posting on a regular basis on MY Instagram, a THIS or THAT series. Since I’m one to first think of color when styling a look, this will be interesting to see if my audience feels the same. Will the colorful look win over the more subdued look?

colorful style inspiration

If you aren’t in to colorful prints, color-blocking (like I’ve shown in the outfit above) could be a way for you to use a lot of color in your style without the busyness of prints. I’m liking color-blocking more and more these days. I hate to say this, but sometimes I’ll have a print on, and not love it as much as I used to. WHAT??? Yes….. I’ll always love prints, but the solid colors I’m really liking!

Our style is always evolving and changing. It’s natural, and I think necessary in order to stay current! Nobody should get stuck in a rut with their style. Color to me is such a mood-lifter! I get so many more compliments when I’m dressed in color, than I do dressed in neutrals. Color always wins with me!

colorful style inspiration



OUTFIT ONE~  A color-blocking look and so fun to be creative with different color combinations. What are your favorite combinations?

OUTFIT TWO~ LOVE these pants and the pop of yellow is just the right color without looking too outrageous. And what about these green mules?

OUTFIT THREE~ This dress is on it’s way to my doorstep! The color is so eye-catching, and the classic style will always be a thing with me!!!!!



I’ve linked up some super punchy and bold colorful pieces for you to shop and possibly add in to your wardrobe. You should try some of these and just take note as to how you feel….. is it really a mood-lifter to dress in COLOR? Let me know! It’s time for you to be a colorful style inspiration to others too!


Shauna XO


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  1. Oh my goodness, those shoes in the first picture!! I admit to a shoe addiction and my eyes immediately go to the shoes in any outfit.

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