Chicos Style In The City

It has been an absolute whirlwind here in the city! So many new friends and loads of meet-ups, photo shoots, and SUCH FUN! I’m so grateful to CHICOS! They have been absolutely nothing short of LOVELY to me and my fellow bloggers. I have so much more to say, but for now it will just be this……showing you some fun CHICO STYLE in the city! When I checked in to my room at the most SWANKY Crosby Hotel, this scarf was all wrapped up for me in a bag along with lots of yummy treats! It has been an incredible experience! The turtleneck too, is from Chicos, and is made from such a great fabric. I’m a lover of stripes, and just happen to have packed it in my bag. Stripes and dots is such a happy mix of patterns! My awesome black hoop earrings are also from Chicos, but sadly sold out. They have some really fun hoop styles! Here is a link. Everything at CHICOS is 30% off!!! Woohoo!

Stay tuned…..for all the details of my NYC trip!

FYI…my lipstick color is MAC Red and blush is Orgasm.



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  1. Followed the women in NY. Great ideas….what inspirations. (Hate that I’m using that word “inspiration” so much, don’t want it to lose viability but…) The women were so supportive to each other, rallying to those who need it. Love to see women support each other. Just love it ?

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