White Flannel Goodness….Ahhhhh!

Have you EVER seen a white flannel shirt? I honestly don’t think I’ve EVER ran across WHITE! This one is so incredibly soft and good! I’ve already worn it several times…styled with a skirt for Sunday! I have always loved the way a plain white shirt looks on other people. But for some reason when I wear them…..not so much! This one though, with the thin lines in it, could be a different story! Won’t it be adorable underneath that bright yellow coat I posted yesterday??? AND ON SALE friends!!!!! You might be wondering what’s up with the one side tucked and the other not??? Well……let me tell you! When you are short, it’s likely that your clothes will swallow you up! Most of the time it’s good to show your waist, so you DON’T look so swallowed! LOL!! So whoever invented the “half-tuck” was genius, because I do it ALL the time. It just gives me shape. And I loved the curved hem in the back. And can you see the cuffs? They have just a slight flare and don’t have buttons! I loved that about this shirt! Since we haven’t had a winter yet, it was easy to pair with a simple white cardigan and some OTK boots and still look wintery, but with a “warm winter” feel! I’m still praying for some winter here! Can you send some our way please???

This look is here! The jeans are called Flying Monkey and they are such a GREAT price point!!! They are here. I really like them….SO many cute styles!




8 thoughts on “White Flannel Goodness….Ahhhhh!

  1. Shauna .. live the white flannel shirt
    Just curious .. I went to order it and it says in the name that is an ‘oversized shirt
    But yet the sizing chart doesn’t reflect that
    When I look at the chest measurements it shows as a normal fit ? Since you have it what’s your thoughts on sizing ?thank you ?love your blog Karol

    1. Hi Karol! Mine is an XXS, but I probably could have gone with an XS too. I would just order your NORMAL size! It’s such a great shirt!!! XOXO

  2. I am in love with this white flannel shirt! So unique. I have been trying the half tuck and have to get used to it! I keep hearing my grandma in my hear say, “tuck that shirt in all the way!” haha!

    1. Chaundra, I can totally hear your grandma!!!! My mom probably thinks the same thing about me!!! LOL! XO

  3. I love all flannels, especially tailored ones. I think they look good on ALL body types. And again with those boots!!! They are awesome and look great!

    1. Yep, I think you’re right Cheryl! They look good on ALL body types! Thanks for stopping by! XO

  4. I Do not see the link to order the white flannel shirt. Will you send a link? I see the jeans but not the shirt. Also, you posted a photo some time back of a bright green blazer jacket. I have looked for that jacket everywhere unsuccessfully. Would love to know where that came from. Thanks so much.

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