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Wow!!! What a week I had last week in Chicago! I had the best time hosting CHICOS How Bold Are You party at their beautiful store at the Water Tower Place. Alana the store manager, and her staff were so kind to me! It was the best time meeting some old friends, some new friends, and some friends that I have known, but never had the privilege to meet in person! It was SO MUCH FUN!!! We chatted and sipped and chatted some more, and then we really got serious about Chicos style! I got to pick my favorites and talk about each one! How to dress it up or down, how to wear it three ways, how to wear it for the young one or more mature one! In fact there were several girls, of all ages, that had on the same kimono! I didn’t have a hard time at all talking up their pieces!

Photography by Jeff Schear Visuals

I loved being able to talk to them about BEING BOLD! Chicos has gone so above and beyond that of really listening to their clients! They have given us so much color and print and FUN and STYLE! Right up my alley, and perfect for helping us to all step out of our norm and showing how BOLD we can be!!! I LOVE their new campaign! It seems so perfect right now as there’s so much talk about women empowerment! I don’t know that there’s ever been a time where women are MORE comfortable being who they are and speaking up and being BOLD! I love it!!!

Photography by Jeff Schear Visuals
Photography by Jeff Schear Visuals
Photography by Jeff Schear Visuals
Photography by Jeff Schear Visuals
Photography by Jeff Schear Visuals

We also talked about how to style our clothing more than ONE way! It’s best to buy things you can style at least THREE ways! Don’t get stuck! Be creative, look at others for inspiration! We are all different and here to inspire each other! Also, do you know how to dress something up? Can you take a graphic tee and make it “office” worthy? We all know how to wear it with our jeans and sneakers, but is that all? What about silhouette? Is that important, especially after 50??? Our bodies will change no matter what you do! They will thicken up in the middle, and even though that scale can read the same numbers, our body shape will change and it’s best to know what silhouettes look best on us! What about COLOR? Is color important? I don’t know anyone who can wear ANY color and look right! Pay attention to the compliments you get from others! They will tell you if something is right! Color makes a huge difference in our overall look! It really does! If you don’t know what colors look best on you….I would suggest ask an expert!

Photography by Jeff Schear Visuals

Photography by Jeff Schear Visuals

You see how my FRIENDS Julie, Caprice, and Paula styled this beautiful kimono their own way? Styled at ANY age….Chicos does that. In fact my girl Caprice in the middle, said to me after, “Thank you for introducing me to Chicos! I never knew they had things that would work for me as a young girl!” The kimono also reverses and is here! And what about my new PINK friend, Jessie??? You know I LOVE her hair….yep PINK hair is so CHIC! Her shirt is here in pink and she wore it with these pants. Also my other two lovely Instagram girls Lindsay and Heidi styled THIS darling white jacket their own way too! So cute and FUN for spring and summer! I love the details on the sleeves!

Photography by Jeff Schear Visuals

And one more thing I wanted to mention……ACCESSORIES! Chicos sure does know how to bring us amazing accessories! From the jewelry, to belts, and bags! I have heard so many women say that Chicos is the “go-to” store for accessories! LOVE this bag!

Photography by Jeff Schear Visuals

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who came out to support me and Chicos at this FABULOUS How Bold Are You party!!!! They are ALWAYS up to something good!!! I’ve linked my outfit below! This jumpsuit is my favorite jumpsuit E-VER! It’s so comfy and fits me like a glove! And that’s hard to do when you’re my height! I didn’t have to alter it one bit! I came with a navy blue tee layered underneath but somehow left in this AMAZING denim jacket! Hmmmmm, I wonder how that happened! LOVE this jacket SO MUCH! It definitely will be on repeat through summer! You can SHOP everything right here! A few of MY FAVORITES are here, here, here, and here! What are your favorites???



13 thoughts on “Chicos in Chicago

    1. Yay Julie…..GIRLS WEEKEND!!! Thank you always for YOUR support!!! It was such a good time! XO

    1. Hi Heidi! It was such fun spending time with you this time in Chicago!!!! You’ve been such a great support from the beginning! XO

    1. Hey girl…..SO FUN to meet YOU!!! I’m so glad you were able to come! You’re a BEAUTIFUL person inside as well as out!!! And the coolest phone! XO

  1. I’m gonna be honest here…up until I started reading your blog, I would have never stepped foot in a Chico’s store. I felt like Leslie Mann in the movie “So this is 40”, where she says….”I don’t wanna get old, I’m not ready to shop at Chico’s”. But you have definitely opened my eyes, that place is amazing, and the people who work there are equally amazing. It is a place for me, and I so feel welcomed there. Thank you Shauna ?

    1. Cheryl! This is SO GOOD TO HEAR! They have put so much effort in to updating their image and have been INCREDIBLE to work with!!!! So happy to hear your’e have a great experience!!! XO

    1. Hi Dawn….Chicos has been so SO good to us mid-lifers!!!!!! BE BOLD FOREVER!!! XO

  2. I agree with Dawn of – Chico’s is listening to what older & bolder women are wanting and are creating changes within their brand that appeal to a wider demographic. AND, partnering with stylish influencers, like YOU, who take what they offer and style it a way that inspires us to get creative!

    I’ve said it before, you’re a “firework” and just keep getting brighter. What a pleasure to finally connect with you and make fast friends in person!


  3. I’ve been shopping at Chico’s for years for their fun styles in both clothes and accessories. I’ve never thought of it as an old ladies store. In fact, it’s always a letdown on the very, very rare occasions I need to stray to another clothing store. Their options are always SO boring compared to Chico’s.

    Yesterday my husband mentioned that Chico’s stock looks like a good buying opportunity and asked what I thought. “Umm, you get the bills every month; what do you think I think?!?”, lol!

    1. Hi Dawn…..yes for sure you should invest in that CHICOS stock!!!!!!! So glad you’re happy there! They sure do a good job for us customers!!!!! XO

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