A Brighter Smile!

What is the first thing you notice about someone when you first meet them? Did you know that the SMILE outranks any other physical feature? Teeth whitening can be one of the biggest improvements to your overall look! A bright white pretty smile can make you look younger, more attractive AND confident, and help your teeth look healthier!

I’m sure you’ve all heard about all the many kinds of teeth whitening systems out there! There’s everything from expensive procedures at the dentist’s office, to products you can buy at the grocery store. And how do you choose, if indeed you’re interested in brightening up your smile? I would ALWAYS go with a referral! This is the best way I believe, in getting the experience straight from someone who you know and trust!

I have just recently tried ORALGEN to brighten my teeth. I noticed a difference right away! Here are the benefits…

You get quick results while never going away from home! And it only takes about 20 minutes per day. In just seven days you can have up to over 8 shades brighter! It’s also 100% Vegan, as well as 100% peroxide free, and is FOR sensitive teeth!!! Some of these procedures I’ve found in the past, really can hurt your teeth, and this one doesn’t. So if you have sensitive teeth, this could be for you! You use a mouthpiece  which allows you to whiten both top and bottom at the same time.

This is what I do….I brush me teeth with the Oralgen toothpaste and rinse. Then you put a thin line of the gel inside both of the mouth trays. You spread it evenly with the syringe tip. Then turn on the LED light and put the trays in your mouth. I first kept mine in for 10 minutes and then removed, but have worked up to 20. For best results they say to do it twice a day until you have the shade you want. That’s it….done! I have used it now three times and can really see a change! I LOVE IT! No dentist office for me!

You can get this at EVINE! Evine is a digital retailer that offers their customers exciting brands and unique products! Their television network delivers entertainment shopping to millions of homes while their ever-growing mobile, online and social channels invite you to shop and share away….makes me smile! Evine’s live TV programming reaches over 87 million US homes via cable affiliates and satellite (DISH Network channels 134 and 228 and DIRECTV channel 316). It’s also streamed live at evine.com, on select mobile devices as well as Facebook.

Right now you can shop it right here, and get 20% off your order friends, with the code Oralgen20. What a great offer, right??? Let me know how you LOVE it!



4 thoughts on “A Brighter Smile!

  1. What I notice first are peoples eyes! You can see into their souls and see their inner beauty. I think some people get their teeth too white, and that doesn’t look natural! xoxo

  2. Agreed, sometimes it’s a little much. I’m all for brighter healthier smile, just don’t blind me when you smile. Lol

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