Last Friday over at my Anthropologie store at City Creek Center, we had a “Styling Event”.  It’s the first time I’ve done something like that, as well as Anthro. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but everything that went down was just as it was meant to be!!! Sometimes, well actually a lot of the time, we really do need some coaching and coaxing when it comes to styling ourselves. I met several women who were SO NOT SURE about what to wear and how to style it. Fashion can be so much fun!!! And when we discover something new about ourselves, or see something on that we wouldn’t have dreamed of putting on and then see how stunning it is…..and then to LIGHT UP with excitement and enthusiasm, IT IS SUCH A BEAUTIFUL THING!!! I love to help women find and discover NEW things! And that’s what happened! One lady, in particular, was certain that what I had suggested wouldn’t work. I asked her to trust me and just try it on and see! SHE LOOKED DARLING, and not only that, after all was said and done, she ended up with a whole “capsule wardrobe”. I think every single thing she walked out with went with something else. Mixing and matching each of her new pieces probably will give her at least 20 looks! It was absolutely thrilling for me, to see her beaming with joy!

These were a few of MY FAVORITE THINGS…


I’m hoping we can do another Styling Event soon. It was such a fun way for me to get to know some new friends, and help them with their FASHIONISTA selves! When we look good, WE FEEL GOOD!!! I was so busy I didn’t get pictures of all my looks, but this is just one. It was easy and comfortable, chic and versatile!


Have a great week friends! I’ll be posting all me new favorite things in the coming days!



5 thoughts on “ANTHROPOLOGIE Styling Event

  1. You know? sometimes…long ago…some of us DID have it “going on”. Then as we get more involved with working to provide for our families and/or busy caring for everyone else, we loose sight of our selves and end up a little lost. Time passes-styles change a few hundred times, we no long have a clue as to what NOW looks good on us….then someone like you and and someplace like Anthro. puts on an event like this, and it’s a perfect opportunity for women like myself who come to a point in her life’s where she says I’m ready to try new things. Exciting!!!!

    1. Cheryl….YOU have the best things to say, and EXACTLY how this blog got started!!! Well said!!!! THANK YOU always for YOUR SUPPORT!!! Are you on Instagram? XO

  2. Boy, do I wish I could take you shopping with me right now! The search for a mother-of-the-bride dress is, for me, THE WORST!! Fortunately, this is the LAST one! Ranch wedding. Can’t be too fancy and can’t be too plain. It shouldn’t be this hard. Wish me luck! (What you’re wearing in this post is more my style. Dresses not so much.) 😉

  3. Awh, that is the nicest thing I heard in awhile. You are too kind. Yet again, proof positive to why you are sooo adored by your many many followers. As for IG although I occasionally “check in” with my Blogger Hero’s (i hope that doesn’t come off as “creepy”) I do prefer the blogging site for a much more (for lack of a better word) intimate communication. Once again, at the risk of sounding redundant…. Thank you for being there for us. ?

  4. I love the floral jacket, so chic! I have heard of Anthro before, but it’s always been way too expensive for me to afford. I do love the merchandise you have selected. Every item just screams Spring! fff

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