Being BOLD With Color

The other day when I was at the Styling Event at Anthropologie, it was interesting to me to see the women there, that were close to my age, wanting to stay clear of color. They thought it was too much, too daring, too bold. I wondered why it was, that they thought that lots of color wouldn’t look good on them? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that EVERYONE looks good in this much color, and I do think you definitely know HOW to wear it. And….if you don’t feel comfortable in COLOR then don’t suddenly try and wear a lot of it all at once! If you want to try more color, always do it in baby-steps!

For me personally, I have always loved LOTS of color and pattern. That’s the first thing I’m drawn to when I’m out browsing! I love it in clothing, lipstick, and even in my home! This top was one that a cute lady put on (with my recommendation) the other day, and was sure it wouldn’t work! She put it on with white jeans, and OH SO CUTE! She liked it but kept saying, “I would have never picked this up to try it on!” Do you think it’s versatile? How would you wear it? I LOVE this type of silky top, because they make the PERFECT layering piece under a jacket or a jumpsuit. I am going to wear it with a white or black pencil skirt! And the white jeans were adorable! Add your white sneakers, and you have such a cute spring look! It also looks really great with the lighter wash jeans that you’re seeing right now! Wear it with your boyfriend slouchy style or with your your high-waisted pair!

And now about these pants!!! Who doesn’t like an easy-peasy pull-on style of pant? These will be the ones that you’ll keep pulling out of your closet to wear with ANYTHING! So cute with your favorite sneakers and tee! But then they’ll completely work in to the dressiest ever outfit for going out! Wear them to a spring/summer garden wedding with a frilly top! I LOVE these! They are a shimmery black, sort of a dark gray! I will be styling these for many looks in the months ahead!!!

Isn’t this location fabulous that my blogger friends led me to? Thank you Shirley and Heidi! This is at the Chicago Zoo, and isn’t as long as you’d think! When I saw pictures, I had imagined it to be very long! Here is a link so you can get the idea! It’s a very popular location for engagement pics!!! BEAUTIFUL! We about froze our butts off on this day! It was really windy….of course it was, we were in Chicago! I can’t wait to go back and spend more time there when it’s WARMER!

Here is my look, along with some extras I think would go with the top and pants too! The 2nd pair of shoes I have linked here are ADORABLE!!! They come in three colors, and each one goes so good with the top!!! And a TWO INCH heel is PERFECT!



4 thoughts on “Being BOLD With Color

  1. I love love the Blouse, had to order it. You look sooo good in it, I always loved Color it just lights up your face and makes me happy and always lifts my Sprit. The Women that don’t wear Colored Clothing don’t know what thy are missing just try it and see how it makes you feel. Thank you Shauna for inspiring so many so many Women keep it up, I look for you Blog every Day and loving it.

  2. Not to be “too Freudian” I think sometimes we associate color with attention. Heck yeah!!! we should all grab some attention…we’ve come along way baby!!!hahaha???❤️❤️❤️ and we deserve IT!!!

  3. Hey Shauna, i am from Germany. As you, i like colorful clothes and i also wear my hair short and sometimes colorful. As you say, everbody have to find her style, but just try colors. I’m curious what else i’ ll see from you.
    Sorry for my English…. ?

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