Our Coats of Many Colors

And speaking of COLOR (yesterday’s blog post)….. WO!!!!! This is my sweet friend Caprice! Isn’t she a stunner? I met her one year ago at an event in Chicago, and she had this coat on, that SHE designed! And of course being a lover of color and print….I was instantly drawn to her! I blogged about her coat last year. She is as sweet as can be….so humble about her talents and abilities! She’s strong and unstoppable!!! Her creativity is OFF THE CHART! These boots she’s wearing in this shoot are some she created herself, by getting used belts and strategically attaching them around the booties! Creative yes, and such FUN style!!! I told her she absolutely needs to be on ETSY!!!

This is from Caprice……….

Shauna and I bonded immediately when I walked by her in my Queen trench coat, and as it’s said “the rest is history.”

The beauty of personal style, is how universal it is, and what you have here are two women representing their love of Color together.
We finally had the perfect opportunity to wear our coats together at one of my favorite Chicago hideaways, the Lincoln Park Conservatory. Full of the most beautiful blooms, I couldn’t have imagined any place more perfect.
The Queen Trench holds a special place in my heart, I was inspired at the time, by a seamstress I’d worked with for other pieces. We came together on a piece that reflected both her and I.
As much as I love Queen it was time to say goodbye. Unfortunately I inspired her a little too much and she uses my personal custom pieces for a profit, with no mention of my design contributions, so I felt it best we part ways.  Artistic integrity in our community is so important, and I feel for the most part we respect each other enough to acknowledge how we inspire each other.
Shauna inspires me.
I am SO GRATEFUL I can call her a friend. With her encouragement and endless support, I am beyond excited to announce I will be launching the Caprice In Color Collection Summer 2018! You can expect the same eclectic  whimsy of colors and patterns in standard and expanded sizes!
Women, Support Women.
Together our achievements are endless.
Peace and Love to you all.

I LOVED meeting up with Caprice in Chicago at the Lincoln Park Conservatory, for a quick photo shoot! She couldn’t have picked out a more beautiful location! If you’ve never been there, and live in the Chicago area or are visiting, it is SO WORTH visiting!!! Here are more pictures of this gorgeous place!

I’m lucky to know Caprice, she truly does inspire me!! I’m literally old enough to be her mother, but she’s full of wisdom and seems much more mature in spirit, than her age. You can follow Caprice on Instagram @capricecole. Hope you’ve enjoyed reading about Caprice, and seeing our pics! I LOVE photographing her…she’s such a natural!



17 thoughts on “Our Coats of Many Colors

  1. What a lovely story, you too. Life is full of challenges, and learning from them is the point of moving forward. You get burned by someone you trust and admire, and who will fault you for becomes jaded. But instead this creative women moves forward. Very very inspiring. I will share this post with my 2 daughter…a lesson in being true to yourself, don’t let anyone distract you from your dream. And most importantly, you fall…pick yourself up, dust off, carry on.

    1. Cheryl, what a nice comment! Being able to MOVE FORWARD is such a gift!!! She’s awesome! XO

      1. Renee, Caprice isn’t having them made any more because of her horrible experience with the lady she was collaborating with. Hopefully one day she’ll get back to them, because they are BEAUTIFUL as you can see! XO

    1. Sadly they aren’t being made anymore Tracey! Maybe some day she’ll revive them!!! Fingers crossed! XO

  2. Shauna, this post was the perfect therapy for me today, as I mourn the loss of a dear next door neighbor who passed this morning. I have imagined her now in her “coat of many colours” in Heaven, praising God, as she twirls in that Garden’s brilliant colours we have never witnessed here on Earth. Its so soothing to see the vibrant new friendship blossoming between you and Caprice. I can feel through your words she is a class act inside and out, and extremely blessed with creativity (and with you as her friend.)Thank you for the wondrous display of colours and love… and sharing your stories with us. Blessings to you both!

    1. Cameran, so SO sorry for your loss!!! I KNOW she’s up there in heaven twirling in her COAT OF MANY COLORS!!! And I’m sure she’s close by you too! Bless you and thank you for your very sweet comment!!!! XO

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