Changing Things Up

It seems as the seasons change, I find it such fun to change up my makeup a bit. Cleaning out and finding something new and fresh can feel so good! I’ll always be drawn to wearing my signature bright red, pink, or coral lip. But when I want a change I go for a more dramatic eye, and nude lip. Nudes are so hard for me to wear, probably mostly because I’m not used to seeing myself that way. I can feel very washed out. I’ve had to really hunt for the perfect nude color, and I think I’ve found it. It’s here, and the shade is Viva Glam II.  I think so much of how it all looks, depends on what you’re wearing in the way of your clothes….so think about that as well as you’re going for this look! Here, I’ve used no liner, just the lipstick and then this gloss, called C-thru. I love a gloss over the top, I think it makes it stand out more. On my eyes I’ve just used a dark shadow on the lid and crease, highlighter on my brow, and some dark liner on upper and lower lashes. I wish I could figure out a way to wear the nude lip without a dark eye…..but for now I think they must go together! What do you guys think? Do you wear nudes?

Have a HAPPY weekend….and LOVE your LOVED ONES a little more!!!!!


12 thoughts on “Changing Things Up

  1. I know you have talked about the particular earrings in your changing thing up post. May I please know which post that is. Thank you! Love your style inspirations,

  2. I have a hard time wearing a nude lip.
    I am drawn to reds,pinks, and corals too.
    I am fair skinned and have blonde hair
    so I feel lost without color. I do love the
    Viva La Glam lipsticks. So I will give it a try.

    1. Hi Kim! I go back and forth liking a nude lip and not. So much of it depends on what you’re wearing! But I like to keep trying…..always good to try different things, to keep things fresh!!!! xo

  3. I feel like I look washed out in pale lipstick too, though I don’t wear brights or darks much at all any more. I suppose by adding more cheek colour and darker eyes, that would help, right?

    1. Hi Alice… long as it works for YOU! And knowing what you know can be invaluable information! XO

  4. I think you look fabulous!!!!! I will say that the nude lipstick makes you look at least 10 years younger than the darker colors.

  5. HI SHAUNA. I always love you in the bright colored lipsticks, looks fantastic on you . I have a hard time with nude colors ,they make me look kind of Pale. My corral color lipstick on the other hand makes me feel feel good even if I don’t wear no makeup but only the lipstick..

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