Blue Suede Shoes

Two things here….first these BLUE SUEDE SHOES! Aren’t you glad that tennies or sneaks as I sometimes call them, are in style? There are so many options out there from the basic, to flashy and embellished, and every color you can think of! These Adidas are so comfortable and sensible and perfect for my getting back to my norm of heels! I LOVE the ADIDAS brand, and if your foot is wide, like mine is, this is the brand for you!!! Wear these with joggers, tights, jeans, skirts, or dresses! Yep, you can!!!

It’s been a bit over two weeks since I had my surgery on my knee. And it hasn’t been easy by any means….SO PAINFUL! Like I mean the kind of pain that wakes you up at night….and usually nothing wakes me! I’m up to nearly an hour on the exercise bike, and doing Physical Therapy exercises four times a day! I went to the PT today and he praised my progress and said I’m AHEAD OF SCHEDULE!!! Do you see how far I’m bending my leg here, after only two weeks of a complete reconstruction of my ACL?!!! That’s exciting news! Lots of swelling still, and a bit numb, but the movement is good! I just have a little bit of a limp, but I’m ok with that! Seriously, it could be so much worse! So I’ll be wearing shoes like this for many, many months!!! And for it’s the perfect weekend get-up!

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EnJOY your weekend!


3 thoughts on “Blue Suede Shoes

  1. Love these Adidas! I’ve enjoyed mine so much. Prayers for s good recovery for you Shauna!

    1. Hi Naomi!!!!! THANK YOU for stopping by! Adidas are the best, right…..always a classic!!! XO

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