Celebrating One Year With Roth Cheese

Celebrating ONE YEAR with Roth Cheese, because it’s a VERY big deal! It’s hard to believe that we’ve already been married for one year! It has flown by for both of us and we are SO HAPPY together! I wanted to surprise him with a picnic in the red rocks to celebrate! He is all about moments together, and so I knew this would be the perfect idea! Roth Cheese was just the right fit for our picnic! All I needed to go with it was some sparkling juice, crackers, and fruit! HE LOVED IT!

I love cheese, and especially presented this way. It seems so sophisiticated, fancy, and ROMANTIC! Roth has such an amazing selection of delicious cheese. We had several kinds of HARARTI cheese, BLUE CHEESE crumbles, and some GOUDA! It was simple but nothing short of DELICIOUS!


Roth Cheese is located in Wisconsin with milk from local family farms, but is available nationwide! It was inspired by their Swiss heritage. Their cheeses are handcrafted by their team of talented cheesemakers. With their European roots, they specialize in Swiss-inspired alpine-style cheeses, Dutch-style Gouda, Havarti and some of their own American Originals.

Roth Cheese has quite the selection of Harvarti! There is the original, jalapeño, dill, horseradish, and chipotle!!! My husband’s favorite was the jalapeño and the chipotle!!!!! They are absolutely so creamy and SO GOOD! Our Gouda selections were the original, smoked, and chile pepper! Just a piece of this with a grape is like dessert! But the ALL-TIME FAVORITE for BOTH of us is the Grand Cru!!!!!!

The Grand Cru® is made in authentic copper vats with the finest Wisconsin milk. They have created an original Alpine-style cheese UNMATCHED in America. The light floral notes, the nutty undertones, and the fruitiness are SUPERB! ROTH has three varieties differing in age, and you’ll want to try them all…… Original, Reserve and Surchoix.

Another thing I LOVE about Roth Cheese, is that on EACH PACKAGE of cheese, they list serving and pairing ideas! Isn’t that AWESOME? This makes cheese buying so easy and makes you look so good! You will become a much better consumer and cheese buyer! It’s genius!

We can’t wait to try using Roth Cheese to make grilled cheese sandwiches and even mac and cheese! We are heading in to our fall season, and comfort food is the BEST right now! Cheese is a staple for all these mouth-watering fall favorites! I love that on their website you can find yummy recipes…. which I’ve for sure shown my husband!

So if you want to make your picnic MORE DELICIOUS….. you should definitely include Roth Cheese! Celebrating one year with Roth Cheese….. was a very good and delicious decision!!!

Shauna XO


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