Are These Pants Practical?

Friends….. are these pants practical? I bet MOST of you would say NO! Most I think would be intimidated a bit by them. What would you wear with them? Are they too loud? Are they too young? Are they too much??? Well I am here to say NO WAY!

When I ran across these I was immediately attracted to them. My eyes go first to COLOR and DESIGN always, so these had my attention right away! You’ve heard me call them HAPPY PANTS before, and that’s what they are to me….. HAPPY! I believe that they can definitely be practical!

I LOVED them with this graphic sweatshirt the most…. BRING JOY! They seem to go together, don’t you think? Depending on the fabric, you can find a way to wear this type of pant ANY time of the year. Summer wear a white tee and sandals, fall wear them with a sweater or sweatshirt, and during the winter wear them with a great coat and a beanie and let the pants do the talking!

Are these pants practical? I’ll show you how to make ANY KIND of HAPPY PANTS so practical, that you’ll want to wear them EVERYWHERE!

This is how to make them sophisticated and professional…

This is how to wear them on the weekend…

Another weekend look because I LOVE weekends…

And this is how to wear them on a date night…

I hope that if you’re on the fence about HAPPY PANTS…. you will accept my challenge and try them on and see! You can most definitely make them practical! You don’t have to do much with statement pants like these. Even just a classic button-down shirt and flats would look fabulous!!!

Take care friends!

Shauna XO

I got a comment from a reader that asked if I would try and add more budget-friendly links to my posts. So I’ve done that here, and would love your feedback! Do you like shopping a less expensive look?

8 thoughts on “Are These Pants Practical?

  1. At first glance those pants have a lot of pattern. But if you think about it, they are actually pretty calm when compared to the patterned leggings that are seen everywhere and on everyone. By comparison, your pants are actually almost a neutral. 🙂

    1. Riley….. yes you could totally say that! I LOVE them so much…. the fit and fabric are TOPS!!!!! THANKS for stopping by! XO

      1. I have a pair of snake print so slimming jeans from Chicos. I bought them on a whim as they were on sale. I love them as they work with so many tops, jackets, boots and sweaters. I like the print on your pants, but the buttons would drive me nuts.

        1. Kathy….. I know which pants you mean and they are FABULOUS!!! What a fun thing to have in your wardrobe. SO MANY ways to wear them! All of the above and MORE! XO

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