A Round-Up Today Of Some Of My Most Recent Looks

A round-up today of some of my most recent looks. I’ve been posting a lot of collaboration work lately, and so have missed out on my blogging. My blog is where I can always direct people who are wanting to know where to purchase what I’m wearing!

So…… here you go!

Whoever thought a year or so ago, that tie-dye would be having such a moment for THIS LONG? BUT…. I’ve loved this trend and loved this sweater! It’s on sale and comes in pink too! I’ve worn it mostly with jeans, white pants, and even some cute aqua blue chinos!!!!! And my DENIM SKIRT is still available too and I LOVE it! It’s the perfect fit, distressing, and weight!

I thought these FAB JEANS were gone, but NO! They have been everywhere…. ON ME! You’ll see in my Instagram feed they’ve definitely been worn! The frayed out bottom is such fun!

When I got this skirt, I honestly didn’t know if it would work. Knit skirts can be tricky and MORE REVEALING than we’d like. But when I put it on my husband went out of his way to tell me he LOVED IT ON ME! The fun twist detail on the side is super cute! It has a nice fit but NOT STRANGLING tight…. if you know what I mean!!! It also comes in ivory and gray.

These shorts are ultra comfy and I love this brand! This blue print is gone but they come in TWENTY other options!!!! They are designed for running, but I use them at the beach (great option there) and of course my workouts. THESE are the same short but a couple of inches longer in length and come in TWENTY-SEVEN other colors! Probably better for most of you….. I just happen to be so short, that the shorter one for me is better.

This jumpsuit is SO DANG CUTE and….. still available and even on sale! Even though I’ve posted it already, since it is still available, I thought I would post it again! It’s a heavy denim type fabric, so warm and perfect for fall/winter!

So there you have it…. a round-up of some of my most recent looks! I think I’ve covered everything. There’s just a couple more things that I wanted to share before they are sold out. I haven’t had a chance to post them yet, but they are FABULOUS!


Wishing you all a WONDERFUL weekend friends!

Shauna XO