Another Milestone For Us!

Another milestone for us back on October 2nd! We had the blessing of having our marriage sealed for not only time, but for ETERNITY! This is a very sacred part of our religion. We were married civilly a little over a year ago, and have been waiting for this very important ordinance to happen since then.

Our ceremony was absolutely beautiful. There was so much said and spoken about that hit so deeply and was so profound! Those words will FOREVER be etched in our memories.

When I look back at my life these past several years, it’s absolutely amazing to me that I’m where I am. NEVER NEVER NEVER in a million years would I have thought that I would be remarried and living in Southern Utah with this INCREDIBLE man! It has been quite an unbelievable journey for me. Another milestone for us and perhaps one of THE MOST IMPORTANT ones yet!

We were SO BLESSED to have my mama there with us…. and daddy in spirit!

On sort of a related note……..

Today I was doing a photo shoot here in Arizona for a brand, and a lady yelled out to me….. “HEY…. do you have an instagram and blog where you talk about fashion, and that’s your husband. You guys fell in love…. he takes your pictures!!!” I mean she knew so much about me it felt a little strange! She asked if she could take a picture with me so she could send it to her sister.

Again….. I would have NEVER thought a few years back, that I would be someone that other women would look to for inspiration, NOT EVER!

After we were done with the pictures I went and chatted with her for awhile. She is sixty as well, and such an advocate for LIVING YOUR LIFE and MAKING IT WHAT YOU WANT! She too, had been in a bad marriage and finally took ahold of that situation and has now put herself in a much better place.

We talked about women being afraid to leave, the fear of being the bread-winner, the disruption to their children, their pride, and being alone! I was ALL of those! As I sat there talking to her, I was so filled with gratitude that I was where I was in my life.

I hope you all are well and KNOW that you are VALUED!

Shauna XO

15 thoughts on “Another Milestone For Us!

  1. Shauna-
    I love this all so much! You are for sure a light in this world. Thanks so much for sharing your life with the world. It gives us all hope. One thing for sure, we never know where are path with take us. Sometimes those heart aches turn into blessings that we would have never dreamed. I’m so happy you are happy! I can’t think of anyone who deserves it more. ❤️❤️

    1. I’m so proud of you dear one – you are a shining example to me! We were truly blessed when Heavenly Father sent you to our family! Love you always and forever! Mom xoxoxo

      1. Mom….. LOVE YOU! We were both SO HAPPY that you were able to be there to share this with us! What a special day it was! There’s no question that dad was there with us all! I LOVE you too, and SO BLESSED that YOU are MY MOTHER! XOxoxoxoxoxoxo

    2. Hi Amanda, what a beautiful and sweet comment! THANK YOU!!! I feel that whatever I can do to help the next woman out there….. is certainly my privilege. And for sure all the heartaches were VERY MUCH WORTH IT! You take care Amanda, and again THANKS for stopping by! XO

    3. I’m happy for you Shauna. You certainly deserve happiness and love. I miss seeing you – but I’m delighted in the happy events of your life.

  2. I’m so glad I came across your Chic over 50 page! I too am 60! You are such an inspiration to me and so many others! I’m so happy that you’re happy! I too am married to the love of my life, March 2020, the highlight of my year! Thank you Shauna!!❤️ ox

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