Can Eating Cereal Be Healthy?


I get asked all the time what I eat. For years and years I’ve been a cereal lover. When I tell people this, they automatically think that  it’s unhealthy. How can eating cereal be healthy? It’s usually full of sugar and carbs and has little or no fiber and substance to it. I am here to tell you EXACTLY how I choose to eat it, and why I think it’s a VERY HEALTHY choice!

Cereal is seriously my favorite meal of the day. I usually don’t eat it until after I workout, which is after 12:00 or sometimes even later. I always eat THIS BRAND. It has lots of whole grains, low sugar, and plant-based protein. I LOVE the heartiness of it and it stays crunchy too!


can eating cereal be healthy

But I don’t just eat the cereal by itself. I load it up with fresh berries and walnuts. I will usually add two different kinds of berries and sometimes a piece of banana. I also add whole walnuts to my mix with organic 1% milk. It’s so satisfying and filling and as I said I LOVE it and and it IS healthy!

If you don’t like regular milk, use your almond or soy kind to make it work for you. You could also use nonfat yogurt instead of the milk. Either way you really can make this fit for you and your diet!


What I eat and how I take care of myself is SO SO IMPORTANT to me. I’m not perfect by any means, but I’m usually on the right track, and with my workout regimen I’m a pretty healthy woman at midlife! Have you noticed that the older you get the more sensitive you are to your diet? I don’t bounce back after a bad eating day like I did when I was younger. Eating right is becoming even more and more vital in order to feel my best!


Now….. go and try some CEREAL! And please stay away from all the crap that’s out there! You’ll feel so much better!

Shauna XO


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  1. When eating cereal we use plant based pea protein milk (named Ripple). It fits the bill if you are lactose intolerant ….. at least for us.

    1. Bab thank you….. I haven’t ever heard of this one. Great tip!!! Thank you for stopping by and come back again soon! XO

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