Brookside Is My Indulgence!

My favorite place to be lately, is in the streets of NYC, all tucked in a cute niche doing some people watching…with my BROOKSIDE CHOCOLATE!!! Friends, I have to tell you this is simply AMAZING with its intense fruity centers all covered in smooth rich dark chocolate! And it comes in these easy to seal pouches that you can carry anywhere…what I mean is, they fit so nicely in to my bags! It’s my idea of a delicious treat, and to think I tasted it first in New York…makes it all that much better!!!!

If any of you have been following me for a while now, you should know of my LOVE for dark chocolate! I totally believe that you should have a treat every single day. At least for me this works, because I never feel deprived! I have it sitting at my desk, and maybe some would say that it’s not a good idea? But for me, just a bit of chocolate each day is working just fine!!!!! Do you have an indulgence? If so, what is it?! I’m pretty sure I will aways be attached to mine!!!!!!!!


5 thoughts on “Brookside Is My Indulgence!

  1. I just have to ask, how did you manage to find some pants with the pretty detail on the bottom? I’m 5’2″ and usually have to cut 4 inches from the bottoms.
    I love the outfit. The whole look is stylish and trendy.
    Margaret x

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