A Dress That Keeps Going On And On!

I’ve had this all over my Instagram the last couple of days! And I know I’ve already posted it on my NYFW post, but I wanted to talk about it more. And….IT’S ON SALE!!! Is it a dress or a skirt? The way I’ve styled it so far, definitely looks like a skirt. I love the beautiful blush colored lace! And my favorite color to go with it, is bright red! Pink and red to me are so fabulous together!!! It was my only Anthro look for NYFW, and I love it because it will be on repeat I’m sure, all the way through fall! Anthropologie does have such great sales, so I think a great piece to have in your closet! But how else would YOU wear it? Can a dress be versatile??? You may not think so, but they really, really can!!!! I would wear this dress with a denim jacket and sneakers! In the summer I would wear a simple tee and embellished flip-flops! For our cooler weather now, what about a striped turtleneck underneath and some booties, or maybe a lightweight denim shirt? The possibilities are endless in my mind!

This red sweater is so cozy and soft! It would be so good styled ANY way for the holidays coming up….yes the holidays seriously are just around the corner! But I loved the color mixed with the blush pink of the dress! It has a band around the bottom and so it bunched up and stayed ok without a belt. Wear it with jeans, white pants, dress pants, skirts, or like here…over the top of a dress! The ruffle details on the sleeves are so cute!

And this pearl embellished sweatshirt??! It looked darling thrown over the top of the dress and then belted to bring it in and hold it at my waist! I loved this look! This sweatshirt too, is right on trend this season with the pearls! They are EVERYWHERE if you’ve noticed! Wear it over something, something underneath, dressed up, and dressed down. Again….lots of options!

I just had to share with you, this picture of me and Nancy Donahue. She is my SUPER MODEL friend of the late 70’s! Yes! She really was on all kinds of magazine covers striking up her pose, and BEAUTIFULLY too!!! She’s as sweet as they come, and has been working tirelessly on something that you ALL WILL NEED TO HAVE, that will make your legs look amazing! She is hoping to launch it some time this fall, early December. I can’t wait for mine!!!! She is my FIERCE SISTER and as fierce as they come, and I love her to death!

Happy Sunday!


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