Beyond Eden

An amazing experience being up close and personal to


the ‘queen’ mare owned by Arabian Heights Farm from Alberta, Canada.

She lives at McDonald Arabians, in Scottsdale Arizona,

who does her embryo reproduction management.

For a small fraction of the retail price,

people can purchase one of her unborn babies, choose the father,

and participate in the creation process!

A M A Z I N G !

It’s such a unique way to participate in Arabian horse ownership

and to be part of the Beyond Eden legacy.

Gary McDonald, the owner of the ranch,

is thrilled and proud that the owners of Beyond Eden,

chose his ranch  for her home and management.

And what a BEAUTIFUL facility he has.

Immaculate and beautiful I would call it!

And his wife I adore, and will introduce you to her soon!

She’s here on Instagram…


I LOVED every minute we had with them,

and will be posting more pics in the coming days!

3 thoughts on “Beyond Eden

  1. Beautiful animal–and fabulous photography. Sounds like you guys are having a marvelous time! Love you. Gerda

    1. Yes Gerda, so beautiful! I don’t know that I’ve ever been so close to such a gorgeous animals before! Love you too! xo

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