Being Petite

Ok… this Snowman is either HUGE or I’m just petite or BOTH! Can you believe this guy? He has to be one of the cutest Snowmen I’ve ever seen! All of his buttons, and his crazy branch arms are adorable! And what about his smile? He looks so sweet, right? All he needs is a hat! I just happened to bump in to him at the park, and felt extra small by his side! Ha! Which leads me to the topic of my blog……BEING PETITIE!

What does it mean to be a PETITE? I always thought that it was someone who was very short and very thin, you know an XXXS! And I also thought that wearing petite sizes wouldn’t make that much of a difference. And can you believe that it took me THAT long, at almost 58 years old, to realize this??? Yes, that’s a little late in life, as a petite woman, to discover that wearing petite sizes CAN make a HUGE difference!!! I’m 5’1.5″. All cropped pants are normal length for me, and most dresses that are too short for some, are perfect for me, and normal jeans…..I have to either roll and cuff and roll again, or get loads of length taken off the bottom. And when you do that, oftentimes you lose so many details and lines, and then the silhouette can be lost as well. So there definitely are pros and cons to being a petite!

If you shop at certain stores that offer petite sizes, then you should know how their particular sizing works for you. If not, then look at the sizing charts very carefully. Use your HONEST measurements and you should be able to get the proper size. If you have an extra short torso, or legs…even if you’re not necessarily considered short, then this sizing could work really well for you. Extra long sleeves could be another indicator that you might need to think about buying petite. I’m definitely a petite, but not extremely thin. I’m pretty muscular for someone my height. I remember trying on a sweater in both a normal and petite sizes a few years ago. I COULD NOT believe the difference! But I’m often not patient enough to order the P size and then having to wait for it to arrive. TRUST ME….be patient and wait for the correct size! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been impatient, and then ending up not liking the way something looks on me! I hate it when I do that!! Remember petite is about proportion as much as it’s about size!!!

I’ve linked for you here, some of my favorite PETITE shops. I wear them when they are available to me. And when they aren’t…..I have a very good Tailor!!!

Anthropologie | Nordstrom | J.Crew | Madewell | Athleta | Nieman Marcus

I’m wearing my ATHLETA sweatshirt and leggings, with my SOREL boots today. These Sorel boots sure do get a beating here in the winter, and are so comfortable, warm, AND cute! Very necessary for me! P.S. My lipstick here is called PINK NOUVEAU!



20 thoughts on “Being Petite

  1. I love that you talked about petite sizing on your blog today! Sometimes I am discouraged to order a petite size because it will be a 4P instead of a 2. I realize this is crazy ?! I need to focus on fit, not size!! I am a true petite!!
    ???. Thanks for keeping me on track!! We need to get together again soon.

    1. Hi Sandy…yep you are a TRUE P!!!! And I agree, most important to focus more on the fit than size….I do it too though. Even before I try something on, I already have it in my head what it SHOULD be! Happy New Year…..and yes, let’s do lunch! XO

  2. Thanks for the advice. I’m 4’11” so you can imagine my difficulty. One issue is my bust: 36DD….I weigh 110 so I’m not fat…just chesty…plus I’m high waisted. Yeah, it’s a challenge. Sometimes regular knit shirts (and sweaters) are best because of the length (especially after wash). Button down shirts are really difficult to fit….under arms and shoulders too tight…I get my normal size and the sleeves reach my knees! When I find a pair of jeans that fit, I can’t resist! I have to have them. At 62, I “yam what I yam” so I guess I’ll have to live with it. Thanks again for addressing us little folk.

    1. Hi Betty, WOW……you really are challenged! I hope you have a great Tailor??? I think when you find a store that carries things that fit YOU, you should really shop there often. You could even talk to the managers of that particular store, and VOICE your opinions and needs! I think the JEAN industry has done a fantastic job at providing GREAT jeans in P sizes!!! FINALLY!!! Have a wonderful week! XO

  3. I’m 5’8” tall. Most kids today are taller then me! As I’ve aged (63) I’ve come to accept being taller than most women I know. When I was this tall in 9th grade and weighed 100 lbs, it was very embarrassing to me! It’s just in recent years that some brands offer talls or longs in pants, which I generally need. It seems we really need to know our body’s proportions, and learn to accept our bodies. It will make your life much easier!

    1. Hi Vicki…..AMEN!!! Why is self-acceptance so hard? It definitely is KEY to know your body-type, what works, and what doesn’t! It truly does make life SO MUCH EASIER! THANKS for chiming in!!!! I wonder if it’s easier being short or tall??? XO

  4. I am a petite too ..I was just going to ask you how you get your clothes to fit you so well. I can see by the pics you are a petite little thing. I try to shop I. The petite’s but a lot of store with fashion here dont have petite, I spend a lot of money on tailoring. I love your style I have got some great tips for your blog, keep it coming. Happy New Year!

    1. Hi Joanne! Remember you can always shop on-line in the PETITE departments! A lot are afraid to shop on-line because of sizing issues, but if you get used to really going by the sizing charts, you can be successful! I think the industry has done a pretty good job (at least improving) at addressing us little girls!!! Have a GREAT week, and thanks for stopping by!!!!!! XO

  5. Ah yes. I’m 5’ 3 1/2” and shrinking. I’m right at that petite size or not petite size. Probably in a few years I’ll be a true petite. Lol. But yes, so very important to find and make friends with a good seamstress. I am currently teaching my vertically challenged daughters that bit of wisdom

    1. Cheryl, thank you for stopping by! You probably are a P now, and just don’t realize it? A lot of women do that! And what a GREAT thing to be teaching your daughters!!!!!! A seamstress is SO VALUABLE to have!!! XO

  6. At 4’10 104 lbs, I’m beyond petite. I’m darn short. Like you, I have an athletic build. My calves can slay dragons. My body is fairly proportional. I find myself purchasing only classic pieces in petite that either fit right away or I have altered. I’ve been known to
    even alter sweaters. Thankfully today, the better stores carry petite clothing beyond my grandmothers elastic waste polyester slacks.

    1. Hi Dee…..yes you are an itsy-bitsy PETITE!!! Have you ever shopped in the little girl’s department? No offense, just saying one year I found the MOST beautiful Stella McCartney poncho in the little girl’s department at a fraction of the price it would have been in the women’s section!!! XO

  7. Petite sizing is where it’s at!! Once I discovered this secret, my life changed. It’s not just the length, but the fit around underarms and torso. You and I have very similar body structure, so I’m getting a ton of inspiration from you. Thank you!!

    1. Hi Maribel! The difference really is amazing, right?? Glad I can help you out!!! 😉 XO

  8. I found out late in life that I, too, am petite, consequently I never purchase anything regular size anymore.

    Another thing I finally discovered, being petite, FOR ME, is that I can never wear those big, flowing, gorgeous, “yards of material”-clothing. I drown in these types of clothes, and I look fat and pregnant. Therefore I know that I must always have clothes that fit close to my midriff and my waist.

    Sometimes I’ll revert back and purchase kimono or flowing dress and think “I can do this”, but nah, it just doesn’t work. Everything I wear needs to show my body and not try to hide it. Another reason for me to work out every day… so I can DRINK and yes, also so I can eat. LOL. Love your blog. I was made aware of it today through Tamera Beardsley’s blog.

    1. Hi friend!!! Thank you for stopping by and for such a GREAT comment!!!!! I find myself too, telling myself I can wear something when probably I shouldn’t! I love maxi dresses, but some say NO for me. I think that if you feel good in something, for the most part it will work! Maybe….maybe not?! I’m continuously saying, “it just depends”! I think what you wear with something loose, (for instance with a kimono) really can make a difference! XO

  9. Love your Snowman!! I’m 5″‘2 and my oldest and I made a Snowman 8ft when we first moved out to Ca!! My parting word to my friend in Conn were I think about you when your shoving snow! We got more than they did, I was living in Palmdale at the time! Glad your feeling better!!

  10. OMG just found your Blog, and I LOVE your style!!! I get so dang tired of seeing women our age dress like old grandmas. Way to rock it!! And your hair is AMAZING!!!

  11. Shauna, you mentioned shopping in the Girls department. YES! You can save a ton of money AND for women with smaller feet, shopping kids department for shoes as well! BEWARE: sometimes the shoes are “cut” a little differently so you will need to try them on to see if the look and feel right.

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