I had such a crazy experience the other day. I was shooting pictures for my blog, and had on a very colorful sweater (not this one, I’ll post it soon!). I’ve always loved color… fact people have told me for years, that they can’t believe how “brave” I am with COLOR. Weather it be in my home, what I wear, or even my lipstick! I’ve always been drawn to color and patterns. Anyway….back to pictures. I had this sweater on and I literally came to life! I felt happier, more energetic, and better about myself. I didn’t realize it until I took off my outfit and changed in to something else that was mostly dark. It was sort of an awakening! Even when I’m adding my lipstick, my first choice again….is all the very brightest and punchiest shades! I’m always complimented more when I’m wearing my “right colors”!

Have you ever been color coded? Way back when, when I was a very young mother (20!) I was “color coded” and advised on what colors worked for me with my skin tones and hair color. I came in as a VIBRANT SUMMER! My colors were, hot pink, bright green,  bright yellow, and bright blues and purples, etc. So, very ELECTRIC colors. In fact, the colors in this wall art pictured, are MY colors! It has proved to be true all throughout my life. And they are also the ones I’m drawn to. If you don’t know what you are, I would highly recommend you find someone who can help you out. It has been most valuable to me. I have things in my closet that I’ve worn for SO LONG, because the bright colors seem to always work! Even with my platinum hair, (I used to be very brunette) the colors still seem to work. I really wondered about that before I colored my hair….would my makeup and clothing need to change? Nope, not really!

This link might help you, if you have no idea what I’m talking about!!

I’ve linked here some of my favorite VIBRANT COLORED pieces! I’m telling you….each one makes me SO HAPPY!!!



4 thoughts on “COLOR Gives Me LIFE!

  1. A trip down memory lane. Yes, I too remember those home make-up parties determining if you were a “Summer” or a “winter” person. I struggle to purchase color. What can I say, I’m a hard core New Englander in love with my grays, blacks and whites. Wish I had your visions…and courage. Although I’ll keep following and keep getting inspired ☺️

    1. Hi Cheryl, maybe color just isn’t for you! I think a woman can dress VERY CHIC and CLASSY in very little color!!! If you want to be braver than that, wear a colorful scarf!!! Thank you so much for your comment! XO

  2. Ah, yes….”Color Me Beautiful” was without a doubt some of the best $$$ I’ve ever spent!

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