Be A Kind Soul With A Graphic Tee

MY SUNNIES ARE HERE for only $25!!!

Friends…. be a KIND SOUL with a graphic tee. There is so much good going on in our world today. Have you seen it? I’ve seen it all around me and it’s a BEAUTIFUL thing. It’s really what we should have been doing all along! Being a little MORE THOUGHTFUL, a little more CARING, a little more AWARE OF OTHERS! I’ve loved seeing this in people!

The other day there was a knock on our door. I went and opened it and out on the sidewalk in front of our home, was our little 3 year old neighbor, Lucy, on her scooter. She said to me, “I knocked on your door cause you have a package….. bye-bye teacher!” She is in my church class that I teach with my husband. How precious to hear her voice and see her sweet little smile!

The love of community is so profound right now, and that is SO GOOD! I’ve seen so many wonderful things happening on social media, within my family, and in my neighborhood! I hope that when this is all over WE WILL CONTINUE WATCHING OUT FOR OTHERS!

And so back to my KIND SOUL tee. Isn’t it perfect right now? I picked this up before this whole Covid-19 got out of hand! One of the things I love about it, is the high crew striped neckline! It’s here and super easy on the wallet! Just for fun I’ve linked up some fun graphic tee looks…. since MOST OF US ARE WEARING OUR TEES 99.9% of the time right now!

THIS skirt is FINALLY ON SALE and I have loved it! It is so comfy and cute with your favorite sneakers!!!!!! And the hat has a great price tag too!

I love to add a fun pair of earrings to a very laidback…. almost pajama-like look! It just punches things up a tad without trying too hard!

Aren’t these joggers FUN??? I have had my eye on them for several months and they are on sale too! This is an adorable stay-at-home look!


BE A KIND SOUL with a GRAPHIC TEE friends. Seriously take care and continue all the GOOD THAT YOU ARE DOING! It’s very impressive and so good for the soul! The human race is mostly GOOD!!!!!!!!

Shauna XO

THIS has been one of our favorite activities here at HOME! PUZZLES!!

2 thoughts on “Be A Kind Soul With A Graphic Tee

  1. Oh my, Shauna!!! Yesterday I bought the Target tee! Today the Anthropology sweater! I feel I’m single handily keeping the apparel industry afloat!!! Just trying to do my part!!! Seriously, this holiday season gives us time to pause. Truly remember what’s important in life, be grateful and show that gratitude. We can make a difference, we all live in towns &cities that needs our help. Reach out!

    1. Cheryl! Do you mean that you bought them both before seeing them on me? Seriously SO FUNNY! The pausing part you mentioned here….. has truly been a BLESSING! TAKE CARE girlfriend! XO

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