Another Fabulous Lilla P!

Ending this CRAZY year in a Lilla P sweater,

that quite frankly I LOVE!

The color blocking is fun and different, and the boucle is ultra soft and cozy!

I’m such a fan of this brand!

You can see it here.

Wishing everyone a HAPPY and SAFE day!!!


5 thoughts on “Another Fabulous Lilla P!

  1. Hi,

    I love your website! Where did you get the plaid shirt that you’re wearing under the Lilla P sweater? Thanks!!

  2. Hi Geri, thank you for your comment! The plaid shirt is from JCrew last winter. I think they have the best plaid shirts! And it seems they always have some to choose from! xo

  3. Thank God I came across this website! was feeling old today at 51 but you know what i am booking my hair for next week, changing my whole wardrobe and living it up!

  4. So glad I found this site! Can’t wait to see more. Hope I’m not too old. I’m a young 68!

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