It’s Called The Olive

Let’s talk about the LBD!

This one is SO FANTASTIC with the classic style, the right amount of stretch,

and great from day to night! Oh, and the pockets!!!

The price point is just as fantastic!!!

Meet Rhonda, the designer…..

Because I can’t find what I have pictured in my mind.  Many times I have shopped around, hoping that a designer has read my mind and produced exactly what I’m envisioning.  But while there are wonderful fashion options out there, something is always a bit off for me.  It’s too young; it’s too old.  It’s too tight; it’s too boxy.  It’s too short, too low-cut, and what is the obsession with cap sleeves? Anyway, I decided to solve my own problem by designing and producing dresses that I would actually wear.  Classic designs made in today’s comfortable fabric. A bit of classic with a touch of vintage hopefully creates a whole bunch of beautiful!

Her website is here.

And the Olive dress is here.

4 thoughts on “It’s Called The Olive

  1. Is the background information yours, or Rohondra’s? Either way, she had a vision, as did you, and is fulfilling it, just like you! Maybe if I can find my waist this year, I’ll make a purchase!

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