I LOVE the new year, a time to start fresh.

I have always been a goal-maker, one wanting to improve, and the feeling I can start new!

I attribute this to my beautiful parents 100%!

I have been thinking for a couple of months now, what my new goals will be for 2017.

I was talking to a friend the other day,

and they said something that really helped me realize how important change is.

I think everyone gets nervous about change, or doing something very hard, outside their comfort zone.

My friend told me to think of this as going to the gym.

There’s probably an exercise or two, that we hate with a passion!

But when we push ourselves through it, there is great improvement!!!

It’s probably the one thing we needed the most.

For me, change is incredibly hard.

And even though it’s uncomfortable and scary, I always find a way to push myself there.

And it’s true what my friend said….there’s such empowerment that comes from it!

If we stay stagnant, our lives will be so less fulfilling!

We need to BELIEVE, and however you get strength to do that, is what you should stick to.

Mine is my faith.

I rely on it heavily and find great comfort in it.

 And now I’m going to look ahead with the biggest dreams EVER, and hope you do too!