An Important Message From Aeroflow Urology

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I have an important message today from Aeroflow Urology, for all of you out there that suffer from bladder leakage. This is a REAL and STRESSFUL issue for so many and doesn’t just affect older people – bladder leakage can happen at ANY age!

In talking with friends about aging and how suddenly it seems to creep up on you, I’ve learned that there are more people out there than you’d think, that experience bladder leakage when coughing, exercising, running, and going about everyday activities. Just the other day with a friend, she sneezed and was super nervous that “something” had happened! I can’t imagine how stressed that would make me feel…. especially out in public! I’m quite sure at times people would maybe just want to stay in, to avoid the embarrassment of a potential leak.

The good news is that Aeroflow Urology helps people of ALL AGES get their supplies for free through their Medicaid plan! I had no idea that this sort of thing was out there to help those living with bladder leakage. On top of being expensive, it can also be embarrassing going to the store to purchase bladder control products. Aeroflow not only offers a wide range of high-quality products designed specifically for women, but they also ship the products straight to your door in discreet packaging – all completely covered by your insurance plan benefits.

This is what AEROFLOW DOES…….

They will help you navigate the whole process from start to finish. The only thing YOU have to do is fill out their quick form (there is a link to that below). Aeroflow will take care of all of the communication and paperwork with your insurance provider and will also get the proper documentation from your doctor to make sure your products are fully covered. How easy is that? And as I said before, it takes so much STRESS out of dealing with bladder leakage and lets you get back to living your best life! You can begin the process right HERE.

Remember friends….. there is so much help out there for you and your loved ones who suffer from bladder leaks. This important message from Aeroflow Urology is meant to inform you and give you the help you need to be able to live your life with CONFIDENCE!!!!!!

Shauna XO

8 thoughts on “An Important Message From Aeroflow Urology

  1. I’m not there yet, but it’s good to know that there is a range of products out there to choose from. This plan here… sounds outstanding!

    1. It would be so tough dealing with this FOR SURE! So yes….. this is VERY GOOD NEWS! Take care Cheryl! XO

  2. Well I am 57 and in good health, exercise and eat well but I have some organ prolapsing and have been dealing with this for a couple of years. All the docs tell me is surgery but with all the mesh lawsuits, I am hesitant because I don’t want the solution to be worse than the problem. Right now the difficulty is in my head, it is vanity. I feel ashamed that my dirty little secret will be exposed when in truth the products are discreet and no one knows what’s in my panties. One trick I have when I purchase in the store is that I ask for them to be rung up separately so that I can have a receipt to give to “her”. Is it a fib and a little extra step for the cashier? Yes, but it keeps me from stressing. I hope these programs are around when I hit Medicare age or fingers crossed, by then a better surgical fix.

    1. Hi Michelle, THANK YOU so much for chiming in here. It must be extra hard knowing that YOU are and have done everything you know how to keep your body healthy! Kudos to you! I’m sorry you have struggled with this. I’m happy though that AT LEAST there are products that are discreet. Thank heavens for that! I think I would feel the same way as you about a possible surgery. Surgery would be the last option for me as well. I’m sending you all my BEST WISHES! DO NOT be ashamed! Of course I’m sure you’ll want to keep it private, but ashamed no. Thanks again for your input Michelle! XO

      1. Thanks Shauna! It doesn’t take me long to see someone who really has it bad and then it humbles me to the core. It truly could be worse! I have to find humor in it because one thing I was looking forward to menopause was not have to buy those products anymore…seems I just traded brands. LOL!! XOXO

  3. Good morning!
    I am 65 good shape and take care of myself. This past February I was experiencing some constipation, I apparently pushed so hard I caused a prolapse. Turns out mine is bladder and I go to pelvic floor P.T. Yes that is a thing. I have seen a euro gynecologist. Surgery is an option. I am continuing with p.t and some estrogen therapy and going to try a pessary.
    The doctor told me my problem actually started the day I gave birth to a 9 pound baby then 6 years later a 12 pound baby. No leakage yet but urgency is a problem. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Maribeth! WOW! I’ve never heard of anything like this before, but hopefully you will get the help you need! And those babies!!! WO! My first one was 8lb and we had a hard time getting him out! Happy to share, and BEST WISHES to you girl! XO

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