The Amazon Prime TV Show Making The Cut

The Amazon Prime TV show, Making The Cut, has been such fun to watch and be a part of! Do you remember me talking about it here when I posted look one? This show has been a blast. It might be my second choice as a career! It’s so exciting watching these designers come up with their ideas and watching the process clear through to the final fashion show. Each of them are incredible at what they do!

I was privileged to be a part of showing off each of the WINNING LOOKS! My favorite I think was the very first one, the chartreuse pants and fabulous kimono! I LOVED the vibrant colors and it brings with it a lot of versatility! It was designed by Joshua.


My second look (ABOVE) was this pretty party, frilly, and very feminine and contemporary dress. It’s super voluminous and so I chose to wear it with a belt. This too, was designed by Joshua. I LOVED him and was so sad to see him go, towards the end of the competition. He’s a great talent who I hope to see again soon!


My next look was designed by Gary. I LOVE this dress so much! These colors are ones I don’t normally wear, but they are beautiful here in my desert. The dress has such a classic cut to it, and fit me the very best out of all four looks! The design was inspired by the carnival. Can you see that in it? You should tune in and watch the series, because it’s really quite fascinating how they come up with their designs!


This last one was actually meant to be a skirt. I chose to wear it pulled up like a dress with this fabulous military-inspired jacket over the top. This was designed by Andrea, who actually won the whole competition! This skirt or dress would be BEAUTIFUL for the holidays or for a fancy party. And the jacket…… well it’s a no-brainer. This will be so fun to style as we move in to the fall and winter seasons!

The Amazon Prime TV show, Making The Cut was a pleasure to be a part of! You can shop ALL the winners HERE! They are priced right and will give you DESIGNER LOOKS for a fraction of the cost of a big name designer.

How do you feel about them? Did you watch the show? Let me know in the comments! I can’t wait for next season!!!!!!

Shauna XO

8 thoughts on “The Amazon Prime TV Show Making The Cut

  1. I seem to remember a show a number of years back, with the same idea…articles developed and made by the designer contestants on the show were available to the public soon after….but this was before “Amazon” anything.

    1. I haven’t ever paid any attention to them, but I think this one in particular was SO MUCH FUN!!!! Watching their ideas unfold was fascinating to me! Thanks always for stopping by Cheryl….. have a wonderful weekend! XO

  2. Shauna, I’m so in love with the black dress/skirt with jacket. I love that you looked outside the box and elevated the look of this outfit. I prefer it as a dress because it looks so classy and elegant. The skirt outfit looked too heavy in my opinion. More wintery. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Edna…. so happy you liked it! I love the option anyway and versatility if always on my mind! It really is a beautiful skirt that I feel is timeless! Thank you so much for stopping by and come back again soon! XOXO

  3. I watched and was fascinated! I love seeing these designs on you. I agree, the kimono and pants were my favorite, but they all look great on you.

    1. Teresa wasn’t it fun? The process was really interesting to see!! Thank you so much for your kind comment! Hope to see you again soon! XO

  4. I love the skirt pulled up as a dress. I did that recently with a long skirt and put a shrug over it. I also love the white dress. Very feminine.

    1. Kim yes it’s such a great way to wear a skirt in a new way! The shrug idea sounds beautiful and super classy! And the white dress (mine is actually a very pale pink) is just BEAUTIFUL!!!! THANKS so much for your comment! XO

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