All Things Denim In Women’s Fashion

When it comes to women’s fashion….DENIM is absolutely a staple. I LOVE denim and wear it nearly every day. This denim jumpsuit I blogged about the other day. It’s so much fun as far as I’m concerned and I’m pretty sure will be around for a long while! It’s sold out, but in this blog, you can find a lot of really cute alternatives.

There are so many ways to add denim to your look. And in my mind you can wear denim with ANYTHING! Even paired with the fanciest of dresses or the most professional office….I think there’s a way to wear denim ANYWHERE! Dress it up or down or anything in-between and it works! Whether it be jeans, jackets, shirts, dresses, or an accessory such as shoes, it works. VERSATILE it is, most definitely!

I LOVE an all denim look, I love denim with bright colors, I LOVE colored denim, I love denim with embellishment, I LOVE denim with an all white outfit……and I could go on and on! Dresses, skirts, even with a swimsuit! I love wearing a man’s denim shirt tied up in a knot over a swimsuit! And then there’s white denim! So fresh and fun for spring summer….even winter and fall depending on what you wear with it!

How many ways can you wear denim? Is it a staple in your wardrobe? What are your favorite ways to style it? Please tell me…I want to know!!!

Shauna XO

3 thoughts on “All Things Denim In Women’s Fashion

  1. In your opinion Shauna, what are you excited about denim-wise for the coming spring/summer. Do you think the fray edges will still be “in”? How about the rolled cuffs? Denim is generally what I wear in every season. But I like it to look modern & on trend.

    1. Cheryl…..the wide leg is FOR SURE trending right now. Also a bit cropped and definitely always a fray. I’m seeing a lot of the skinny jean style but with more of a boot leg bottom. Always HIGH RISE too! These are my FAVORITE right now…..pricey, but….still LOVE! XO

  2. Yea! Good morning! I ❤️ Denim and I love you, too! Thank you for giving me such happiness and joy! You’ve taught me to be proud of myself!

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