My Dilemma With Tennis

My Dilemma With Tennis

My dilemma with tennis is real. I have played this game for years. I’ve talked about it before here on my blog. The outlet for me has been critical at times! I first picked up a racket way back when my youngest son went to Kindergarten when I lived in Arizona. I LOVED it immediately and have enjoyed competing in league play and tournaments. For the passed year, It has been a struggle getting to practices and workouts because of the demands on my time trying to run my blog. I’ve been frustrated trying to get there, and then when I do, all I’m thinking about is what I have to do when I get back home.

I keep telling myself things will slow down. I’ll say in my mind that next week, or next month, or in a FEW months I’ll be less busy and be able to come and practice. But…….it’s just not happening. I’m in such a struggle of whether or not I need to give it up for a while. I don’t want to, but I want to. I miss my association with all of my friends. I miss the diversion. What is more important? Is it better that I continue and let my work stuff go so I have time? Or is it better to let it go for now, and be LESS stressed with work stuff? I wish I knew the answer!

Missing My Game

I know for sure though, that I won’t ever give up tennis completely. I LOVE the sport too much. Is there a way to play without going to practices and workouts? I’ve always wondered why there are women who spend time at practice and then don’t compete. I always said I wouldn’t ever do that. But……now I find myself considering that very option. Do you ever feel this way about things in your life? Trying to find a balance is one of the most difficult things to do.

In the mean time…..I’ll continue to try and figure it all out. My Tuesday practices are the only thing I’m doing right now, and are often missed due to being out of town or tied up in meetings. Hopefully I’ll be able to come to a happy medium sometime soon!

Shauna XO

7 thoughts on “My Dilemma With Tennis

  1. Aw Shauna it would be such a shame for you to give up tennis if you love it so much. I think a happy medium would be for you to just get a few games in but not compete in tournaments and that might ease the pressure. It’s important that you have a break from work and stay fit and healthy. All work and no play is not much fun! I hope you sort it with a happy outcome and keep inspiring us with your fabulous fashion advice! X

  2. Oh my goodness I hear you loud and clear!! I started playing when my son started going to tennis camp in the summer. I was 48. I fell in love with the game instantly and poured myself into it and started to play competitively (women’s day league and USTA). I truly loved playing the game. Then I became pregnant again at 49 years old and had my third, healthy baby boy at 50. I tried to start playing again about six months after the baby. I missed it so much!! However, it became apparent pretty quickly that tennis wasn’t something I could fit in. Mostly because outside of hitting on a wall or a ball machine- It takes coordination with another human. My schedule is chaotic and ever changing so I had to give up the sport I love…for now. It’s been eight months now since I’ve played. I needed something that I could do independently. Tennis doesn’t fit that bill right now. I just started training for a sprint triathlon and I’m giving myself six months to train. I can Swim, Bike, and Run when it fits into MY schedule. I haven’t given up on tennis. I LOVE it! But for right now life is pulling me in other directions. Thankfully tennis is a sport one can play deep into life so I feel like it will be there when I can commit myself again. I wish you the best in your journey.

    1. Julie I can tell you LOVE the game! And yes I agree that it’s one that can be left alone and then get back to when life permits it! I did sign myself up to play USTA league and can’t wait. I’m committed now! Best wishes to YOU! Hopefully you’ll always recognize your priorities!!! XO

  3. Good point above ⬆️, just because it doesn’t fit into your schedule currently, doesn’t mean you need to walk away from it entirely. You LOVE tennis obviously, but for the moment you may need to take a pause from it. As you know “life happens” and don’t beat yourself up about it. All opportunities can possess positive outcomes. Go with your gut, God gave us those nuances for a reason.

  4. Shauna

    I don’t play tennis but I have committed to a women’s weight training group that I absolutely love and don’t plan to ever give up. Your blog is amazing, but (I am 61) as we age our physical health is so important.
    For me the benefits of working out include mental clarity, physical fitness and relationship – female time. This has become my time for me. I try not to let anything step into this time. Sometimes my personal to do lists and family responsibilities creep in, but I TRY to keep this one activity just for me.
    I don’t know if this helps your dilemma with tennis, tennis clearly has more obligations.
    Don’t give it up! It is part of your darling, spunky self. Find a way to step away from the blog demands and take care of YOU. Health is everything!

  5. Shauna, I think it’s so good, almost imperative, for you to exercise for your physical and mental health! Practice! Practice hard! Hope this helps. XOXO ?

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