A Bit of TRAVEL and Baja Bound I Am!

Good morning to my AMAZING TRIBE! I’m off early this morning to do a bit of TRAVEL, and Baja bound! A big part of the thrill of being a full-time blogger, is that I get many opportunities to travel. This year alone I’ve been to New York several times, Chicago, Florida, Santa Fe, and Tucson! I LOVE to travel, and feel so blessed to have these opportunities! I will be blogging about the whole experience AFTER I return in a week. But let me just say, it’s going to be SUCH FUN, with two of my very best traveling girlfriends whom I ADORE (those girls could be these!), but it’s also going to be lots of work too! That’s okay, I’m not complaining AT ALL!

I wanted to talk a little bit about fashion when it comes to traveling! I don’t know about you, but for me I start thinking about my wardrobe the minute I know I’m going somewhere! That must be the fashionista in me??? For this trip there were certain looks I needed to take, for collaborations and such. I’ve discovered something new! And that sort of amazes me, because at 58, and being one who has traveled extensively, I didn’t think there could be anything more to learn about planning out what to take!

This is what I’ve discovered. For every outfit, I did a flat-lay (pictured below). I laid everything out, including jewelry, shoes, and bag. I did this for one reason only….to share my looks with my girlfriends, so we could coordinate. But, in the process, IT HAS HELPED ME SO MUCH! It has been helpful in packing, planning, and I’m sure when I get there…..knowing which earrings go with which outfit, etc! I HAVE BEEN AMAZED at how HELPFUL this has been!!! And….the best part about this is when I put it all in my suitcase, I actually HAD EXTRA ROOM? WHAT?? No kidding! Doing it this way really was so efficient and made it so I didn’t OVER-PACK! I do that ALL THE TIME! I’ll get home from vacay, and half of what I packed wasn’t even worn!

Below I’ve linked a similar look to my flat-lay above. These jeans are SO SO SO fun! My favorite pearl embellished jeans EVER! Comfort and style and ease is what you want when you travel! The fabulous bracelet in the flat-lay is right here….LOVE this so much!

SHOPPING FOR A FALL VACATION?!! Here is my capsule wardrobe for a fall vacation! I didn’t count up how many different looks you could make with these fifteen pieces, but enough to get you through a great vacation! What is your favorite and how would you style it? Bring in lots of fun color with your jewelry or a colorful scarf or a bag!

I may or may not be blogging while I’m gone, so if not I’ll talk with you again in a week!

Shauna XO



4 thoughts on “A Bit of TRAVEL and Baja Bound I Am!

  1. Oh my gosh, THAT idea makes so much perfect sense and is so simple, I can’t for the life of me understand why I haven’t thought of it. I always try cramming everything in my head. If I start packing too early I end up taking everything. That’s why I wait for the last possible moment to pack…and yes, that’s why I end up forgetting things

    1. Cheryl! GENIUS right??? If you can believe this…..I wore EVERYTHING in my bag, and had PLENTY!!!! XO

    1. Alicia it really helped SO MUCH! I had EVERYTHING I needed and WORE EVERYTHING! And….when I got there, the pics were a great reference for when I got ready each day!!! XO

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