You Can Have Your Own Vision Plan

This blog post is sponsored by VSP Vision Care, the leading provider in vision care and coverage, providing access to care for nearly 90 million members. Visit to learn more about VSP Individual Vision Plans you can buy on your own.

Did you know that YOU, yes YOU…..can have your very own INDIVIDUAL VISION PLAN through VSP Vision Care??? Being self-employed the thought of vision coverage seems very out-of-reach, at least it did for me! Health insurance is crazy expensive, so adding vision coverage just doesn’t seem possible.

But…..I have some great news for you! Sacrificing your health because of this added expense doesn’t even need to be a part of your thought process anymore! Eye health is JUST AS IMPORTANT as your overall health checks. Getting an annual eye exam can tell you so much about your health! Your eye exam can detect diabetes, high blood pressure, autoimmune disorders, and certain types of cancers! No kidding!!

YOU can buy an affordable individual Individual Vision Plan on your own through VSP, and all for as low as $13 a month. Now wouldn’t you say that is VERY WORTH those dollars??? I say YES and YES

So this is what a VSP’s INDIVIDUAL VISION PLAN will do for you…..

~A comprehensive eye exam

~Prescription lenses with covered lens enhancements

~A generous allowance for frames and/or contacts

~A wide selection of brand name frames

~And access to the largest network of independent doctors

I just recently went for my eye exam and about choked when I was quoted the price for prescription frames! Ouchie! So the idea of an ALLOWANCE to help me cover that expense was such good news!!!

So relax and understand HOW IMPORTANT vision health is, and KNOW THAT IT’S VERY ACHIEVABLE! You don’t have to worry anymore that you aren’t taking care of this most vital part of YOUR HEALTH!

You just need to enter your zip code and your email to see what VSP’s Individual Vision Plan has for YOU. It’s easy and effortless and very affordable… excuses anymore! What a great feeling to know that I can NOW have my own vision plan and coverage!

Shauna XO

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