Why I LOVE Skirts For Spring And Summer

Why I love skirts for spring and summer


It’s been said here on my blog…. that I LOVE skirts THE MOST for spring and summer. More than any other season they would be my first choice for our warm months.  And here’s why…..


ONE~ They make me feel like a lady, girly you could say. Do you feel the same way? If I’m feeling really feminine, or want to put off that vibe…. it’s usually a skirt for me!

TWO~ Skirts are super easy to change up. VERSATILILE is the best way to describe them. You can make a skirt look just about any way you want, and with the same skirt too! In other words, wearing a different pair of shoes and top will change your whole vibe!

THREE~ They are cooler than pants or shorts, and for women at midlife, it’s so important to us, to feel cool. With our body temps on the rise as we go through menopause, being COOL becomes an absolute necessity, and a skirt is the perfect solution!

FOUR~ Skirts are flattering. Since skirts generally aren’t restrictive, they can be one of the most flattering and comfortable things to put on. Remember to know your body-type and what silhouette works best for you, then your skirt game will always be right!

FIVE~ Skirts have a timeless and sophisticated vibe. For me when I’m wearing a skirt, it makes me feel so classy and chic! There’s something very powerful about them, even respectful. Have you ever tried wearing a skirt out shopping before? The level of customer service seems to jump! Try it!!

Why I love skirts for spring and summer

Why I love skirts for spring and summer

Why I love skirts for spring and summer


So with that being said…. do you think you can wear them anywhere? I think YES! Most skirts can be worn casually or dressed up, and skirts looks great on just about anybody. Change up the top, shoes, and accessories and you’ll have a completely different look. Why I LOVE skirts for spring and summer is obvious…… I think I need to add a few more to my collection!!!!

THIS SITE has really super affordable BEAUTIFUL skirts!

Shauna XO

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9 thoughts on “Why I LOVE Skirts For Spring And Summer

    1. Hello Ann…. below the picture you will see images of the skirts. You just hover over and click and it will take you to the website. Does that make sense? Let me know! XO

      1. These skirts are the cutest! Hard to pick a favorite. One time my husband and I were traveling in Oregon. At breakfast, a lady came up and asked why I was so dressed up. I was wearing a cute floral skirt and tee. I was taken aback, but told her the outfit was a lot cooler than jeans!

        1. Kathy don’t you think that dressing up JUST A TINY BIT…. is nowhere to be found these days??? I remember a similar situation when me and my family back in the day, went to a Christmas concert. We were all dressed up and MOST everyone else was in jeans! I remember feeling so overdressed but at the same time so bugged that people didn’t put any effort in to the way they presented themselves!

  1. Love these skirts but I am petite and the length on some is 31 inches…..way too long for my 5’ 3” height. Love anthropologie and searched petite skirts but…….all long! 🤨

    1. Lisa I’m petite (5′ 1.5″) and usually a midi falls more like a maxi and a mini is usually at the knee. I rarely have to shorten them. But good to know what works for you so you can buy accordingly. The good thing I guess when it comes to being short when buying dresses or skirts, is that the too short kind for most women, will actually work on me! Anyway….. hope you can find an option IF you are a skirt lover like me! Thanks for stopping by! XO

    2. Lisa, I share your disappointment and lament. I’m 5’2″, and finding skirts that don’t graze the tops of my feet or meet my toes is exhausting. A skirt 31″ in length is too long and out of proportion for me. Soft Surroundings and Chico’s are my best bet if I’m lucky enough to be there when the skirts are first stocked. I’m not sure why, but stores rarely keep more than a few PXS skirts in stock. I’d be delighted if other readers would be kind enough to share their sources.

  2. I love your style! Love your hair! Where can I buy that red with flora little jacket your were wearing the post before this one? Too cute! I’m 78 and I’m not done yet!

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