VSP Individual Vision Plan

Did you know you can buy VISION COVERAGE on your own? I didn’t until now, and I had to share with you, all of the details!

This post is sponsored by VSP Global. All opinions are my own.

First Signs of Aging 

As you probably know, one of the first signs of aging is vision changes. For me it has been close up reading that has caused me the biggest problem. My distance has been fine, however I’m starting to feel a little something off with that too!!! It can be SO frustrating, right? And so with that, good eye-care health is crucial to your overall health! It’s something we should have checked EVERY single year!

Options For You

Most people have no idea that there are OPTIONS out there for them to get the very best vision care, even if you don’t have access to vision coverage through your job!! VSP Individual Vision Plans cover EVERYTHING you’ve come to expect from a vision plan…..the exam, your frames, lens enhancements (like progressives), contacts, and much more! And listen to this….these plans start as low as just $13 a month! You can enroll year-round too! And anybody can purchase these plans so it is perfect for people who are retired (since Traditional Medicare doesn’t cover the cost of annual eye exams or contacts and glasses), self-employed or working part-time. It only takes a few minutes to enroll. Just go to www.GetVSPDirect.com or call (877-988-4746).

Your Overall Health

There have recently been findings that show that many people in the U.S. are neglecting their eyes. This is primarily because they don’t realize the importance of good eye-care, and how that can affect their OVERALL HEALTH! Most of us agree that good eye-care is important and even rate vision as THE MOST important sense, but then only half of us get annual eye exams! And I must confess, if I get too busy, the eye doctor appointment is the first to go! But did you know that an eye exam can help your doctor see signs of common health conditions like high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and diabetes? Even as parents, we all agree the importance of eye-care health for our children, but four in ten parents wait until their child complains about their vision! Children don’t know what it feels like to see clearly, and so all the more IMPORTANT!!! A child’s first eye exam should be at six months old!


VSP Individual Vision Plans are such a smart way to start taking better care of your eye-health! Take advantage of what they have to offer! I’m determined to take better care of my vision as should you! We take so many things for granted, and eyesight shouldn’t be one of them! It’s such a gift to be able to see and we should do what we can to protect our vision!

Shauna XO


5 thoughts on “VSP Individual Vision Plan

  1. Since I’ve found out I’m at risk for glaucoma (my dad has it) I’ve started eating for the eyes, (which is btw good for everything else). I’ve also started taking eye supplements as well and of course see my eye dr once a year instead of the recommended every 2 years. As we age you have to try and be ahead of the game!!! And like many of my friends, don’t be afraid of going to see your dr. so many conditions can be solves and/or managed quite easily if discovered early. My Dr once told me “Don’t be afraid of me, it’s my job to look for trouble”. LOL. I so understand the anxiety of going to see the dr. but you do feel better once you go. Oh btw I ALWAYS give myself a reward after I go to my dr appointments, usually a stop at my favorite coffee shop or a little shopping. Something to look forward to. It helps.

    1. Cheryl…what GREAT feedback! Eating for your eyes is really smart, which I don’t think any of us think about enough, if ever! THANK YOU for this! I can get SO BAD at scheduling my doctor visits!!!!!

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