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Today I’m talking about PATTERN MIXING, since I get SO MANY questions about this kind of a look! For me it comes pretty easy, but I’m probably a little more bold than most my age. I love dressing this way because it adds an element of surprise and sass! It’s a great way for you to get creative and fun! But just as I say this, it’s necessary you put some thought in to it, and know that  NOT EVERYTHING GOES! I want to share a few tips on how you can achieve this look with confidence!

First you want to think of COLOR! I like to pick three colors and work with those in various patterns. So here I have a wine color, a peachy-pink color, and green. I just got these jeans and they are the PERFECT thing to use when mixing patterns. You need to be careful wearing more colors together than three, because it can quickly become too much, and too busy! This color combo is perfect for fall.

Second, think of scale! Using a small scaled print with a larger scale is a good way to think about this. My jeans have a small print, where as the floral on the sleeves is a bit larger. Even if you use the same print, such as polka-dots, think big dots and little dots together.

Third, think about patterns that go together. My favorite is stripes with floral! And this tee from Downeast is an all-in-one, that makes it easy! Florals and dots can be a lot busier, but if you keep one small scale and one larger, you’ll be able to see how it can still work. Checks and florals is another fun pairing!

Fourth…..for me personally I usually don’t like to put more than three patterns together. What I mean is like the pants, top, and jacket ALL being a print. If you want to do that I think one of them has to be very subtle. In the OFFICE look the pants are a very subtle stripe. In the fourth look here for WEEKEND, I have four prints, but I consider camo and leopard a neutral, so they don’t count! You can go overboard real fast using too many prints together! Pull in a solid jacket, or solid pants, etc.

And one last thing….if you’re new to this idea, START SMALL! Like perhaps a striped blazer and floral scarf. Scarves are a great way to start small! THIS OUTFIT HERE was one of my favorites in getting this look right and more ideas on PATTERN MIXING!

Below, are some really fun looks linked up for you to get some ideas or to even try out! Explore and have fun! Remember as I always say….if you feel CONFIDENT, you’ll look CONFIDENT! If you’re questioning or feeling a little insecure about what you’ve put together, I would tell you to go back to your closet and re-work things!!!!! GOOD LUCK FRIENDS!





Shauna XO

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11 thoughts on “Pattern Mixing Tips

  1. Love this and I have a top very similar to yours! Have a blessed weekend! Oh and thank you for the tips!

  2. Thanks for the lesson. A lot to take in, but like you said “start small”, I’ll keep saying that over and over lol. I’ll take a real good look at my fall wardrobe and see what I can play with.

    1. Cheryl…it’s definitely not for all, but just something fun to try!!!! Have a great day! XO

  3. Hi I can’t seem to find the tee on the website. Does it have a specific name or number that I could look up that way. It’s such a great look. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Melana, I just checked and it’s sold out! I’m so sorry!!! I’ll watch for it to see if they get a re-stock!!!!! XO

  4. Thank you for the great tips! You inspired me to wear my lemon jeans (same as your from Anthropology) with a stripe shirt. I would have never thought of that combo without your Instagram post a few months back! You do a fabulous job of dressing happy!

    1. Oh that makes me SO HAPPY Sheila! I think once you try it once, it makes It a little bit easier next time to see what other possibilities are in your closet! XO

  5. thank you for this! my favorite pair of pants has a subtle grey dot on black which I pair with a gray floral blouse for work and I’m looking for more ways to wear them.

    1. Jen, they sound SO GOOD for this very thing!!!! I bet really cute with some bright and vibrant colors too! XO

  6. I love mixing patterns and then I pop it with a funky bag!!!
    So much fun!
    Thanks for your tips! Love the blog!

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