A Vintage Piece of Love

Last spring when I hosted Anthropologie’s spring fashion show, I met this lovely girl, Veronica. She is the founder of Vintage Meet Modern. When I was in Chicago just a couple of weeks ago, again taking part in Anthro’s show, she came all the way again to see me! She brought me a lovely gift the first time we met (posting it again on Sunday), and brought me ANOTHER beauty this time! How sweet is that??? She has the most BEAUTIFUL pieces on her site….you should take a peek!

This is what she had all wrapped up for me, along with a note. A Diane Von Furstenberg necklace! Isn’t it GORGEOUS??? After I learned about the piece, I was overwhelmed that she would want to give it to me! This is what she said about it….

“DVF jewelry is special because she has always only made it in very limited quantities, especially during the 1970’s. True DVF jewelry pieces were designed to compliment her iconic wrap dresses. The necklace here is pretty rare, I have never come across another one but when someone works with me or inquires, we have pretty deep sources! We love to help women find an iconic piece to compliment their signature style! I personally love to source her pieces because they have a strong geometric presence and compliment many different necklines and body parts, plus you are not likely to know anyone else with a piece like it!”

WOW! I am MORE than FLATTERED to be the one to wear it! This quote by DVF was written in my note…

“I didn’t always know what I wanted to do, but I knew the kind of woman I wanted to be.”

I LOVE this quote, and love that I have so many women, like Veronica, all over the world to look up to and admire for what they do and WHO THEY ARE! Thank you sweet friend, for supporting me from the very start of this journey as ChicOver50! You’re gift will always be worn with fond memories of a sweet friend!

This picture of me and Veronica was from the Fashion Show a couple of weeks ago.

My white peplum top is from Anthropologie and is here.

And this floral DVF indulgence of a floral pencil skirt is AMAZING!

A similar floral pencil skirt from Nordstrom is here.

And the turquoise drop JCrew earrings are here.


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    1. YES Danielle…..it IS gorgeous and I love her too!!!!! Thanks for your comment! xo

    1. Hi Jodie! THANK YOU so much! It truly is a treasure I’ll always have to remember Veronica! xo

    1. Hey girlfriend! Isn’t it AMAZING??? Did you get a chance to meet her that night? She has the best stuff!!!!! xo

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