Valentine’s Day Style Guide

Valentine's Day Style Guide

A Valentine’s Day style guide for you because this holiday always surprises me, and I’m assuming you too. In January it seems so far away, but now here we are in the middle of the month, and so it’s time to talk VALENTINE’S DAY STYLE. I LOVE this holiday and LOVE that it can be anything you want it to be. It can be a day with your spouse, or a day with your child. It can be a day with a friend or even a day with just you treating yourself to all kinds of goodness. And whatever your idea of what the day should be….. it should include CHOCOLATE!

Ive put together plenty of ideas for outfits, whether it be casual, dressed up, REALLY dressed up, and not to forget bedtime! Have fun browsing and let it be an inspiration guide for your own look!


These looks from Chicos are just right. They aren’t over-the-top, but still have a fun whimsy Valentine feel. Chicos has such a darling lineup of HEART inspired looks right now. Find them HERE. I’m not one to get all glitzed up, so Valentine’s style done easy is perfect in my book!


These looks would all be for perhaps a Valentine lunch with your lover, or maybe a Galentine’s gathering with your girlfriends. This sweet dress with the tall white boots and white faux fur is so feminine and you’ll even still be warm. The pants are amazing. I loved them with a simple turtleneck. The zipped up the front black faux fur gives it a more relaxed and casual vibe. Both of these looks would be my first choices.


If you love to be over-the-top, these looks would be for you. Some women LOVE to be the only one in the room that is overdressed! I live in a community that’s very laid back, and so both of these would probably be considered a bit over-the-top! But as I’ve said before….. always wear what makes you happy!


Your spouse will LOVE this idea the most! I love the intricate embroidery on this first look and it’s super inexpensive! The second look is sexy but still covers the tummy (I like that) and the beautiful robe is just that….. BEAUTIFUL!


So ladies…. HAVE FUN celebrating your special day. Use my Valentine’s Day STYLE GUIDE for inspiration. It’s meant to be a holiday of expressing your love. And hear me on this….. your gift to your significant other is to take the time to make it special by dressing up for them and doing something special!

Shauna XO

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