Utah State Fair

This passed week, I took some time to FINALLY go to the Utah State Fair! I have wanted to go for so long! It can be such an interesting place! Have you been to your State Fair yet? We are almost at the end of FAIR season, so if you’re thinking about it, you should hurry and get on it!

I went with my bestie….my cousin through marriage, and my SISTA as I call her, and we had the best time getting stomach aches together!!! After all when you go to the fair, YOU MUST eat some fair food, or you wouldn’t get the whole experience! We had such a fun time checking out the animals, eating, taking a Ferris Wheel ride (that’s all our stomachs would allow), and people watching….that might possibly be the best part! Ha! The night was so much FUN and good to get away from all the other “stuff”!!!

When you think of fall, camo and plaid have to be right up there, right? The two just scream fall more than any other time of the year, at least I think! I wore my camo and plaid to the fair, which was one of those SHOPPED MY CLOSET kind of looks! I love mixing these two together! Below I have linked up a great selection of CAMO and PLAID goods for you, to perhaps add some in to your fall style!!!

Shauna XO


4 thoughts on “Utah State Fair

  1. Yep, we gotta a big one here in New England. We call it the Big E (Eastern States Exposition). And they sell EVERYTHING!! every year they feature a deep fried…..and the things they deep fry will blow your mind. But it’s a whole lotta fun, everyone is always excited when it’s fair time.

    1. Have you been then Cheryl? It sounds AMAZING! What is it about FRIED food at the fair? Has there always been? I haven’t been for years, so am wondering what the big deal is about it being fried!!!!

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