Time For BLACK FRIDAY Again!

I say this every year…..it’s time for BLACK FRIDAY again…..wait……what?!!!!! It comes around faster and faster every year! With on-line shopping being THE MOST CONVENIENT way to shop these days….it would be a shame to NOT take advantage of all the BLACK FRIDAY SALES right now….and then CYBER MONDAY to top it all off.

It’s a great way to get that JUMPSTART on your shopping and save big bucks! I have really worked these sales for the last two or three years. I didn’t pay much attention to them before. But I’ve learned that the savings are REAL and it starts to become a game to see how much you can SAVE!

I like to make a list of everyone I’m buying for beforehand, along with some ideas. Then when it comes time to SHOP, I’m focused and ready to shop a lot smarter! I’ve linked up my FAVORITE STORES.












I’ve also put together a GIFT GUIDE FOR HER….or for YOU! I mean after all, aren’t we all looking for that perfect holiday treat???

So get ready friends and take advantage! A dollar is a dollar and every bit you can save all adds up! Time for BLACK FRIDAY again, and not only do I want to be prepared, I want you to be too!

I really like this quote on GIFT GIVING…..

Happiness doesn’t result in what we get, but what we GIVE. ~Ben Carson

I hope you’ve all had a WONDERFUL weekend. And I’m talking to myself here…..but PACE YOURSELF and BREATHE! My sweet step-daughter told me to breathe today and I needed it. I’ve been sick this week and stressed like no other trying to get my stuff done! So breathing is what I’m going to focus on!!!!!!! HAPPY SHOPPING!

Shauna XO